Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tasteful Texas v. Tacky Texas -- Love them both!!

Hi all -- Dianne here, with another short blog entry.  Our busy week in the Texas Hill Country with Chuck & Cindy continued with a trip back to our favorite winery and a return visit to Luckenbach.  More on Luckenbach later.  

Our first stop was to the Grape Creek Vineyard for a wine tasting.  Roger and I visited here the day after Christmas in 2009 and saved the label from our wine bottle, we liked it so much.

We enjoyed the wines here again just as much, and ended up buying six bottles; five to take home, and one to enjoy on the patio with Chuck & Cindy. 

We were at the winery on a Sunday, and there was live music out on the patio.  Good wine + good friends -- it doesn't get much better than that.  -- Well, unless maybe it's good beer + good friends in Luckenbach!

From the winery we found the country road leading to the famous (from Willie Nelson's song) Luckenbach.  We felt Chuck & Cindy should experience some "real" Texas.  We were told to go there on a Saturday or Sunday when the bikers were there, for a better music experience.  

We weren't disappointed -- lots of bikers, kids climbing trees, people with dogs, regular people drinking beer, eating hot dogs, and listening to some really good live country music from the bandstand.

I asked the owner of the longhorn steer in the top photo if he is there every weekend (thinking we'd bring our girls here the end of April for a photo shoot), and he said, "We live here!"  (Luckenbach has a population of 3 -- wonder if the steer counts as 1 of the 3???)  This is the same longhorn steer I posed on for a photo in 2009 (see our 2009 Luckenbach posting).  His owner rides him like a horse in parades, too! (I've seen pictures -- recognize him, Linda??)

The resident roosters strutting around add to the ambience of the "town."  

The doggie photo of the day is a shot of Sophie and Bandido napping together. 

 This is a rare shot indeed -- normally these two are in  a constant wrestling match.  They will really miss each other when Sophie heads back to Indiana Saturday!


I.M. Vayne said...

Most folks put up a 1000 pictures of them eatin', but you are a workin' on the drinkin' end of the picture postin' blog world. Think I.M. a gonna keep a reedin' yer blog as it looks like it might have some reel penitentiary to set a new standard in the bloggin' world. Course i ain't about too say what that standard are.
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FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

First visit to your blog. We really enjoyed ourselves in Luckenbach. People were so friendly. We are originally from Ohio, and the guy who was entertaining made up a song about Ohio. He did a pretty good job! Enjoy your stay in Hill country.