Monday, March 21, 2011

Fredericksburg, Texas

Roger here....   Right now,we are safely tucked back in our site at Retama Village, but we still need to update our last few days with Chuck and Cindy in the Texas Hill Country.

We had a great day in Fredericksburg.  We started just outside of town by visiting the Circle E Candle store.  Our friend, Linda, recommended that we check out the candles, whose scent never fades.  She was right about that.  The instant we entered the store it was like getting slapped in the face with all the blended aromas.  Dianne picked out several "seconds" to put in a stone candle holder we could never find a place for in our old house.  It looks great in the front window of our new coach house.  She also bought a few candles to put in our other sconces.  I bought one - leather.  Smells just like leather.  Did I mention the strong aroma?  Chuck and Cindy's truck probably still smells like candles.
(If you're in the hill country, don't miss the candle store -- it's a wonderland! -- D.)

Our next stop was  Wildseed  Farms, touted as the largest wildflower farm and shop in the country.  (Of course it is the largest, it's in Texas).  We spent an hour looking at the wildflower possibilities for our coach house as well as picking up some cool landscaping ideas for a cactus garden.  I guess that we still have the gardening and landscaping bug. After we talk to Victor, the landscaper at Retama, we plan a return visit in late April when our daughters and granddaughter visit.

Next stop, the old German streets of Fredericksburg.  As Cindy says, "This is a hoppin' place."  Lots and lots of shops, restaurants, and happy people.  (Sorry for the old photo [with Christmas decorations] from last year.)

Since it was late afternoon and we were famished, our first stop was Auslander's, a German restaurant with an outdoor seating area.  This place often has live music, but not that day.  However, the authentic German food more than made up for the lack of tunes. 

 I had the Jagerschnitzel in a red wine sauce with sauerkraut and potato pancakes -- so good. 

 Dianne had a braut (mild white sausage) sandwich with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard).

Chuck and I ordered a couple of Spotzel beers.  
The large size was a little larger than we anticipated.  (Should have known, because we are in Texas).  

After lunch, we walked the streets - partially to get rid of all the calories (no supper tonight) and partially to diminish the effects of the giant beers. 

 Dianne had been looking for a Texas t-shirt.  She now has one. 
(You can tell the male half of this team took the photo; I would have smoothed out the wrinkles! --  D.)

 I bought a pink cowboy hat to give to our granddaughter when she visits next month from Florida. 

 (The plan is to present her with the pink cowgirl hat at the airport and get a photo of her rolling her eyes -- D.)

The pet picture of the day shows Charlie pounding on the bathroom door while Bandido patiently waits for Dianne to emerge.  (Remember when your kids were little and there was never a trip to the bathroom without a little voice calling "Mommy"?  I'm re-living it now with my cat; this is just one of his little eccentricities -- D.)


Whippet Lover said...

It looks lie you all had a great time. I understand the bathroom thing with the animals. I have a whippet. You never get to go to the bathroom alone.

GrannySue said...

Oh you are making me homesick! I love that part of Texas.

Travelwithwhippets said...

Whippet Lover, your dogs are beautiful! Jasper (our other whippet who we recently lost due to kidney cancer) was truly a velcro dog; when I'd be in the shower in our house, he'd move the outer shower curtain aside to stare at me through the clear lining. I miss him so much!