Friday, March 18, 2011

Bandera - The Cowboy Town

Roger here...

We passed through Bandera in the motor home on the way to our campground in Kerrville.  I had heard that it was an interesting place, full of cowboys.  The quick look that included a longhorn tied to a post on the main street piqued our interest.  So, on Tuesday, we headed back for a better look.

We were not disappointed.  The town was full of interesting cowboy stores and saloons.  Unfortunately, Miz Maggies Ranch was closed on Tuesdays, but we did enjoy some ice cream at the General Store.

The soda fountain sign ensured us that the ice cream had a high fat content and was therefore delicious.

We stopped by a leather shop and checked out the really nice and expensive saddles.  Chuck went horseback riding.

The highlight of the visit was the accidental discovery of the 11th Street COWBOY BAR.  I noticed it on one of the back streets and thought it looked like an interesting little place.

You know how some bars have dollar bills, baseball caps, etc. hanging from the ceiling?  This place had bras!  Dianne and Cindy opted not to add to the collection .

Our biggest surprise came after we entered the outdoor area and turned a corner.  The outdoor area and rustic band stand were HUGE - seating for hundreds of people.  I guess we shouldn't have been surprised.  This is Texas, after all.

One of the barmaids suggested that Dianne and Cindy check out the painting in the ladies room.  Surprise!

Hilarious, often a little risque, signs covered nearly every wall.  (This mural was directly opposite the stool, at sitting level -- D):

(This one is my personal favorite -- D):

There was even a neon sign touting Dianne's cousin, Charlie!  (Turns out, this Charlie Robison is a professional musician in Texas, as opposed to a farmer in Mulberry, Indiana! -- D)

After wandering around the saloon, we decided to enjoy a beer before our short trip back to Kerrville.

The animal picture of the day shows Charlie hiding under a rug waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting Bandido during his next trip to the doorway.

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GrannySue said...

Great post - as a transplanted Texan I love seeing those places I fondly remember. Haven't been to Kerrville in years!!!