Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Retama Fun with Chuck & Cindy

Roger here...   Right now we are in the Texas Hill Country, but we are behind in our posting.   I will be sharing a few of our adventures during our last few days with Chuck and Cindy at Retama Village in the Rio Grande Valley. 

My birthday was last week.  We celebrated by riding a few miles to a funky little place (actually pretty big - as all things are in Texas) called the Riverside Club.  It's not really a club, but a restaurant/bar with live music on a gravel road next to the Rio Grande.  There are several dining rooms.  We opted to enjoy the outside area so that we could watch the river and keep an eye on Mexico -- it was a little warm and buggy, but worth it for the view. 

 The horse in the opening picture was grazing across the river.  The group picture shows us enjoying margaritas, nachos, and huge (Texas-sized) Indiana-style breaded-pork tenderloin sandwiches.  This restaurant was actually under several feet of water last June when Hurricane Alex passed through.  Amazing that they were able to reopen so soon.

One day we went on a ten-mile bike ride on the paved bike trail that winds by Retama, along a canal, and into a wild-life refuge.  There was some huffing and puffing along the way due to a few hills (and accompanying headwind -- D.) that somehow exist in one of the flattest places on earth.  We all got a rest when we came upon a turtle resting in the middle of the bike path.

Chuck thought it might be getting too much sun and provided a little shade.

Dianne, the animal lover, thought it might get run  over by a bicycle.   So.......

Here is a shot of Chuck and Cindy as we pedaled back to Retama.

We will likely have a few blogs about our fun in the Texas Hill Country.  Be sure to check back in a day or two.  The Hill Country is one of our favorite places.

Dianne took the doggie picture of the day of our puppy, Bandido, resting on the couch.


Nancy and Bill said...

What a nice bike path!! Glad to see you guys enjoying your bikes.

We know what you mean about WIND. When you live near the beach, you don't have hills, but boy do you have WIND!!

We are just getting back to biking again. This winter really was too cold and windy.

Keep having fun for the rest of us!! Oh, Happy Birthday Roger!!

I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. a thinkin' after a lookin' at that blurry horse picture, that were a whole pitcher of beer, and you downed it all afore takin' that one. Ya got me a wonderin' what the ones ya took after ya really got snookered was like. Sheesh, hard to believe what some folks put up on there blog, mine bein' so free of errors and all.

Sarah and Richard said...

Good post--I enjoyed it. But, golly, have you left Retama for the season? If so, I didn't get to say goodbye nor hug you guys!

Travelwithwhippets said...

To I.M. Vayne -- At least we HAVE photos! We're still a-waitin' for photos in your blog, blurry or no, because inquiring minds are VERY curious to see if we might recognize something in them!!!