Monday, March 7, 2011

Springtime in Texas! Dog Time & Camping Buddies

Hi all, Dianne here.  Well, it's springtime in South Texas; so to my northern friends, hang in there -- spring is creeping north. 

These pretty pink flowers grow wild here in the grass.  They look like the primroses up north.

Our good friends Chuck & Cindy (and of course Sophie, the luckiest dog in Fishers, Indiana) have come for a visit.  This is their first time in Texas.  Our plan is to spend a week here, then both RVs will head to the Texas Hill Country for a week.  

There's excitement next door, too, since Bob & Linda's RV lot is starting to take shape.

Yesterday we started out at the dog park, letting our children romp and chase.  Then during their nap times, Chuck, Cindy, Roger & I rode our bikes next door to the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park.  

No Javelinas this time, but we were able to show off some green jays and orioles. 

Roger wanted us to pose next to "Big John" at the hawk tower trail.   The four of us parked the bikes and hiked to the top of the hawk tower.  I got to watch an anhinga spear a fish with its beak, then gobble it down.  

When we weren't eating or drinking wine/Shiner beer/margaritas, bloody mary's a/k/a Chuck's "breakfast juice," much of our time has been spent hanging out with the "regulars" at the dog park.  We took all three dogs to the agility portion, armed with some training treats, and discovered that both Sophie and Bandido have natural talent!  

  Roger has done an expert job teaching Bandido to sit and stay.  Makes it a LOT easier to exit the motor home each time.  

That skill also came in handy at the agility course, making him sit and stay before encouraging the jump/climb/whatever-came-next.

Sophie enjoyed a little hoop action, too:
Sophie also impressed us all with her fearless ability to walk over the narrow high bridge:

Some more random shots:

And my favorite of all:

Don't think for a minute that Chaplin was left out of the fun.  He quickly learned that he could earn just as many treats being a "spectator," so he loves to go to the agility course, too!

After all that dog action, I thought I'd throw in a little feline activity:  The animal photo of the day shows Charlie in action.  The photo is entitled "Mexican Standoff."  Charlie thinks his new job is to tease/taunt the puppy.  Bandido's not sure what to think of it yet.


GrannySue said...

It looks like such fun. We are planning a trip to Texas with our three whippets. Can you tell me where in South Texas you stayed. I am always on the look out for a place where I can play with the dogs off leash after a long RV ride. It looks like such fun.

I have relatives in the Austin/Dripping Springs/Blanco area and we've stayed at some nice parks there. Be sure to check out the Nimitz museum in Fredericksburg while you're in the Hill Country. It is amazing.

Maureen said...

We are waiting for that spring weather! Be safe.