Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Times

Roger here...  Unfortunately, we have not been posting as often because we have been too busy getting everything ready for the next big adventures in September, when we leave Central Indiana for points west.  We have accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot to do.

Selling our small home...  The cleaning, painting, dry wall mud, new flooring, more painting, weeding, ceiling installation, more painting, new plumbing, and more painting IS DONE.  We put the house on the market (For Sale By Owner and Craigs List) on Monday and put the For Sale Sign in the yard on Wednesday. 

 We have already had seven showings (four of them in the last two days).  We received a verbal offer yesterday morning that we plan to finalize in writing later today.  All great news - not what we have typically encountered when we sold our past homes!  We celebrated Saturday night by walking downtown for dinner and ran into our friends, Bob and Vicki.  After dinner we walked to their house and shared a glass of wine in their amazing back yard - truly amazing (too bad we did not have the camera). 

 Bob and Vicki were on the Pendleton garden tour this past weekend.  Our gardens at our former home (see side bar, "garden tour") were on the tour last year.  Bob and Vicki acquired a lot of our old "stuff."  It was great to see how nice our formerly treasured things look in their yard and house.  (Dianne here:  It actually made my day to see how wonderful my garden chairs, pots, and other ornaments looked in their new artistic setting!)

 On our walk home at midnight, it was fun to see all the activity in our small town.  A new entertainment venue has opened - lots of people, lots of cars, lots of live music (Henry Lee Summer) spilling out into the street.  Pendleton has always been quaint and comfortable - a great place to live.  Saturday night it was vibrant.

Our small coach house in Texas...

 The coach house, landscaping, and hook-ups are all finished. The closing was a couple of days ago. We are now the proud owners of a little piece of Texas. Can't wait to put our cowboy hats to use.

Jasper is not as excited, but as always is very tolerant of our whims.

Dogs, dogs, dogs...  Our dog, Chaplin, has been a little listless lately.  He is a sweet dog, but has always lived in a world of his own, stubborn, and afraid of anything new.  Since we have been back in Indiana, he seems to be more afraid of new activities (house painting for example) than usual.  Steve and Peggy, the owners of the kennel where Chaplin was born, invited us over for a visit.  We thought it might be good for him to play with some other dogs, so off we went.   Jasper and Chaplin had a great time carousing with the other whippets, especially Chaplin.  It was wonderful to see him hopping around and playing with the other dogs.  It may sound strange, but a day later he still seems to be in a good mood.  AND, amazing news, there was a litter of whippet puppies at that cutest stage, AND we did not come home with a single one.  I am so proud of Dianne's willpower.  (Sorry, no pictures.  We forgot the camera - a very bad day to forget the camera)

Reorganization....  A lot of our time has been occupied with packing our Texas "stuff," packing our two daughters' "stuff," and reorganizing the motor home "stuff."

Here is a shot of one of the piles that we will soon be shipping to Texas in a POD.  (Except for the lamp; anybody want it?  -- D.)

Here is a shot of things that we will need to reload into the motor home and car.  (Yes, it does all fit.)

Here is a shot of a few of the things that we will be taking to our daughter, Robyn, in California.  (The rest of it has already been loaded into the bays.)

Here is a shot of the things we still need to send to Amanda :-)

Here is a shot of the mess that we have pulled out of the motor home cabinets that need to be pitched, taken to Goodwill,  shipped to Texas, or reloaded in the cabinets.

Here is a shot of Dianne reorganizing the interior cabinets of the motor home.  The finished cabinet over the bar area resembles the apothecary shelves in a Harry Potter movie.  Let's see - crushed dragon teeth, eye of newt, bat toenails....

Here is a shot of the mess that all of this reorganization has made of my organization system.  Everything is going in a new place!  My neatly organized location charts are filled with scribbles indicating new locations!  I guess I will just have to live with it.

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Karen and Al said...

Congrats on getting the house on the market and getting an offer!! Wow!

Yes, I definitely want that lamp...I need just one more lamps to add to my collection :)

I guess the dog just needed a "puppy fix."

The new coach house looks very nice. I'll bet you'll be glad to get there!