Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Blog List

Dianne here:  

This isn't really a blog update, but wanted to let those of you who follow our linked blogs know that I've finally added some of our favorites to the sidebar.  They run the gamut of veteran full timers, newbies, and those selling their house and possessions in order to get started. 

Geeks on Tour is a great web site and source for computer knowledge, geared specifically to the traveling lifestyle.  They are a fun couple whose seminars we have attended at two rallies.  

 One blog, RV-Adventures of Roger and Margie, is written by a couple whose house closing happened simultaneously to ours last September.  We met at Nick Russell's Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH, last fall.  (Nick's web site and link to his blog is listed, too).  It's interesting to follow the different paths those choosing this lifestyle decide to follow!   

Nancy and Bill, Wandering Sylville, and Frerx Adventures are three couples we met at the RV Dreams Rally in South Carolina.  It was really fun to get to know them; all are delightful couples, and just getting started.  We have also learned a lot from the RV Dreams blog.  They have lots of information for those just starting out, or still making the decision to.

"Have Trailer, Will Travel" is written by another delightful couple we met last year, first in  Florida, then again last spring when we met up at Summit Lake State Park in Indiana for a few days.  They were very generous with their knowledge of Rv'ing, Google Earth, and Texas.  They enjoy the same activities we do, and are lots of fun.

Semi-True Tales of our Life on the Road is another really interesting, well-written blog that we follow religiously.  We've followed some of their travels, even checking out some of the sites and food along the way. 

I will always be indebted to the "Because We Can" blogs, because I've followed them from THEIR beginning, several years ago, and that was my inspiration for shedding all our belongings and hitting the road.  They are still at it, enjoying an Alaskan adventure this summer, so I still follow their every move!  Linda Klyne and I are even Facebook friends now.  Someday I know we'll even meet in person!  

One thing I'm learning in this new lifestyle is that it is truly a small world.  Full timers cross paths, then cross paths again and follow each others' adventures.  (For example, Steve and Evin who we met at the South Carolina rally, then met up with by chance at a state park in North Carolina).

 We also meet folks who know others we have met in our travels.   It's a great way to get trip ideas and "learn the ropes" from those who actually know what they're doing!  (We're not there yet).  

Roger and I will update our own blog soon with photos of our latest "toys" -- the last we needed to purchase for our new traveling lifestyle!  Now if we can sell this house, we'll really be on our way!


Nancy and Bill said...

Thanks for the mention in the lastest post.
Now you tell us you don't know the ropes??? Oh well, we still follow your every can't wait to see the new "TOY"... we love toys!!

Margie and Roger said...

What a nice surprise to see us mentioned in your blog! Thanks for sharing our blog info with others. You have also reminded me that I need to update my blog reading list - now over 50 blogs that I read! It's fun reading how others live their full-time lifestyles. Maybe I missed it, but I've been wondering if you are going to the Gypsy Journal rally in Ohio this year?