Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day - a Good Day

Roger here...

Today was one of those days that only a dad can appreciate.  The day started early in the morning, when our younger daughter, Amanda, began her journey back to Ft. Myers, FL with the last load of her possessions.  (Earlier this week I drove to Florida with the next to the last load, and was able to spend some quality time with Amanda and our granddaughter, Kaia, before Amanda's scheduled one-week vacation. 

 I even got to attend Kaia's elementary school graduation.  She is now in middle school!  She is spending a couple of months with her dad in Broad Ripple (in Indy), so we hope that we will get to see her again before she flies back to Florida.

We just got a call from Amanda; she has made it through Atlanta.  Sunday is a good day to drive through Atlanta.  Half-way there!  It will be good to hear from her when she gets to Ft. Myers.  We are very proud of the new life that Amanda is making for herself and Kaia in Florida.

Dianne told me that since it is Father's Day that I have no responsibilities!  Wow, a day to veg.  I did some reading and relaxing, and did some organizing of our impending departure from Indiana, (can't help myself).  

Our older daughter, Robyn, who now lives in L.A., called in the afternoon.  It was SO good to hear from her.  She is keeping busy and doing well on the West Coast after several years performing in Chicago for Second City and other theaters.  She recently finished two cruise ship stints for Second City after some time in the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.  Wish her luck in L.A.; I miss her terribly.  

Dianne topped off the day by going on-line and listing Amanda's former house (that we own) on "For Sale By Owner."  It will also be listed on Craig's List.  What a relief to finally take that step!  It would be a great house for a single person or a couple.  We never seem to have good luck in selling a house; hopefully, this time will be better.  (Here's a link to our ad; we'll probably tweak it and add additional photos later:)

(Dianne here:  Roger didn't "veg" all day; while I was writing our FSBO house ad, he perfectly grilled a couple of steaks for supper.  Whatta Guy!)

We are including several pictures of the outside of the house - inside pictures to come.  (Roger was inspired by the views on a pretty day while he was grilling our steaks.)

Happy Fathers' Day to everyone.  For me, hearing from my two loving daughters, it was a good day, topped off by a nap with a 25-pound, bony "lap dog!"

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