Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dianne was Right Again!

Roger here....   In the middle of the packing frenzy, Dianne wanted to move all of the furniture that we are shipping to our coach house in Texas to the position it will be in after we move in there.  I balked, at first.  I always balk at extra work, and besides, it seemed like we had more important things to do.  HOWEVER, Dianne wanted to do this, so we did.  I must admit that it was fun seeing what we had drawn to scale on paper actually in place.  Dianne was right again.  Good job, Dianne!   (Dianne here:  Truth is, I can't visualize things on paper like Roger can.  I really needed the actual furniture in place to get a feel for it.  We ended up moving things and tweaking it a bit before we were through.)

The front room of the little house in Pendleton is almost identical to the front room of our new coach house - the coach house being one foot longer.  We moved the heavy items in place and followed this with tape on the floor indicating windows, doors, cabinets, sink, counter tops, fridge, etc.  Since the interior wall separating the main room from the bathroom has not yet been constructed, we decided to adjust that wall a bit so that the washer/dryer could be in the bathroom.  We probably would not have adjusted that wall, had we not seen how it will actually look.  Dianne was right again.  Good job, Dianne!

Dianne took a series of pictures, including a couple of me pretending to be a wall while holding up some of the pictures that Dianne wants on each wall.  If nothing else, I am pretty good at pretending to be a wall -- not much skill involved.

Looks pretty good to us.  Plenty of space for the only furniture that we are keeping.  It does not feel crowded.  We can't wait to have it in place in Texas, but that won't happen until after January.

After all the furniture moving was done and the pictures were taken, we had a good discussion about driving (in our car) to Texas in mid-August to meet with the contractor who will be doing the interior of the coach house.  (Assuming that the Pendleton house closing goes as planned.)  He could be putting up the drywall, laying the tile floor, constructing the vaulted ceiling, finishing the trim, putting the stucco finish on the walls and ceiling, installing the plumbing and electrical features, and maybe even doing the shower, stool, and washer/dryer in the bathroom.  If this works out, that work could all be done and we could move our "stuff" in as soon as we arrive in January.  We would have time to do this after my consulting work and before we leave Indiana on Labor Day.  We would not have thought to do this if we had not moved the furniture.  Dianne was right again.  Good job, Dianne!

Before ending this post, we wanted to show you the progress that we (Dianne) has made in boxing up the mess that you saw in the last post.  Dianne's experience in selling many, many of our items on Ebay has made her an excellent packer.  Good job, Dianne!  Packing is one of the tasks that I am not allowed to do.  However, I am allowed to carry the boxes, and I also do a great job at pretending to be a wall.  

We also wanted to show you the view of the corn field that is across the street from the little house (the house with the newly-rearranged furniture).  We've been watching it grow since May.  When we were growing up, our grandparents used the expression, "Knee high by the Fourth of July," to indicate the liklihood of a successful corn crop.  In the small town of Pendleton, Indiana that expression should probably be "Basketball Center High by the Fourth of July."

(Dianne here:  I've always loved summer in Indiana, hot and humid though it is.   We've been so busy this summer, that the only aspect I've been able to enjoy is the purple coneflowers, which to me signify summer.   They are in full glory here at the little house right now.  These were originally transplants from our Main Street house, which were transplants from our house before that in Fishers, Indiana.  Right now they are swarmed with bees, yellow jackets, and butterflies, especially tiger swallowtails.  Later this fall they will be covered with goldfinches, feasting on the seeds.  If all goes as planned, though, we won't be here to see that, or to harvest the tomatoes that I planted in May.  We're ready to move on!!  Anybody know whether or not coneflowers would grow in South Texas??)  

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Margie and Roger said...

What an excellent wall Roger makes! He may have found a new career. Diane, I'm like you - loved the idea of pre-planning your new space in Texas. Sounds like everything is going well for you two. Try not to work too hard.