Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Necessities and Simple Pleasures in Indiana

Roger here....  Not much going on as we wait for the closing to take place on the little house in Indiana that we are selling - just taking care of necessities and enjoying simple pleasures.

     -  Costco (frozen food and supplies for our next long trip)
     -  Trips to the post office
     -  Cleaning the house before turning over the keys (Dianne finds something new to scrub every hour.
         -- By the time we leave there will be no dirt within a mile of the place)
     -  Washing the motor home roof
     -  Washing and waxing the motor home
     -  Cleaning the front windshield and applying Rain X
     -  Buying groceries
     -  Doing laundry 
     -  Moving things back into the motor home
     -  Getting rid of the few remaining items in the house (trips to Good Will)
     -  Buying bicycle helmets (still need to do) (Thanks to Nancy & Bill for giving us the nudge to buy bicycle helmets; if anyone needs one, it's probably me! -- D.)
     -  Doctor appointments
     -  Eat, sleep, shower, brush teeth, shave, go to the bathroom
     -  Indiana tomatoes from our neighbor's garden

     -  Walking the dogs

     -  Bicycle rides

     -  Dianne's flowers

     -  Views of the cornfield across the street

     -  Discovering lichen on the rock in the yard (Lichen only lives where the air quality is good - words
        from a former junior high science teacher.)

     -  Transferring old pictures that my parents took from slides to a CD (Dianne is have a lot of fun 
         finding old and embarrassing pictures of me.)

     -  Naps with the dogs  (Dianne here:  I want to make sure you know this is Roger's hairy leg, not mine!)

     -  Silhouettes in the Indiana sky

     -  Watching Dianne (pyro queen) have fun making a camp fire

Here's one of mine:  Jasper & Chaplin begging for dog treats at "wine-thirty" every late afternoon!  (Those are my legs -- D.)
     -  The Indiana sunset

     -  Listening to the sounds of tree frogs compete with the songs of the newly emerging cicadas  (For some reason this sounds fine on my computer, but when uploaded to blogger there are aliens in the background! -- D.)

     -  The perfect campfire

     -  Oh yeah, Indiana tomatoes from our neighbor's garden (huge and delicious!)


Judie (Templeton) Robinson said...

AWWWWWWW How I miss Indiana...Playing outside in the summer and hearing the "night noise" and it has been way too long since I've heard the corn rustling!!.. Say how are grayhounds... we just lost our #2 dog,Albert, a min yorkie to congestive heart failure at 14. Sniff. Before that, Boomer the Westie. We have a cat, a horse, and barn cats, 6 last count... enjoying your blogs.... Judie

Judie (Templeton) Robinson said...

Really enjoying your blog.. I tried to get this to you earlier.. maybe this is a repeat. Anyway.. i miss the night sounds..and the corn rustling... How are all you 4 legged family doing? We're animal lovers too. Have fun!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Nice to see you're making time for the simple pleasures. Dianne, if your legs were as hairy as Roger's, then I think shaving would go to the top of the necessities list! LOL! :)

Valerie said...

Glad to hear the house sold - it's a great place! Enjoy the time left in Indiana and happy trails this fall. I'll be following along in spirit through the blog.