Monday, December 25, 2017

Tucson/Saguaro National Park --- home

Look!!!!! A Huge Saguaro!

Roger here...  On our final day with Jim and Sue we spent an afternoon at Saguaro National Park - East, just a few miles from our RV site.

The photo below was taken at the visitor center where Dianne added another stamp to her National Park Passport.

Saguaro cactus were visible in the thousands.  We took many photos, but were forced to focus on the most impressive for this post.  This saguaro was amazing.

Check out its size with a perspective of Dianne and me at another giant below.

"Look!  There's Another One!"

Dianne here:  Roger was in rare form that day...the photo above is actually an action shot of me giving him an elbow.

This is what it looks like from below.  Wow.

As Jim drove us along the roadway, we saw so many views.  We often stopped to take a closer look.

Cactus fruit...

... wrinkled paddle cactus.

As Jim continued to drive along the road we discovered the Javelina Rocks.  OMG.  Rocks to climb!

It was such a difficult climb!

Below is a close-up view of a saguaro before we moved on.

Movin' On...

After promises to Jim and Sue to meet again, it was time to resume the trek to our home in Mission, Texas.

Our next overnight stop was in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  The views from the local KOA were nice.

It grew quite chilly overnight in Las Cruces.  Dianne took this "telling" photo.

The next stop was Fort Stockton, Texas  (warmer) --- followed by our favorite overnight stop at Buckhorn Lakes RV Resort near Kerrville, Texas (warmer, yet).

Home tomorrow... where it is forecast to be 80 degrees.

It is time for the blog to go on another hiatus until we take off on other adventures.  This has likely been our most emotional trip.  

For the pet picture of the day, here is a short video of Tequila being playful with Bandido at the doggie park at the KOA near Las Cruces:

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