Monday, December 4, 2017

Malibu, part 3 - Artesia and Drinks above Los Angeles

Indian Apparel Storefront in Artesia

Roger here... Now that the computer is working and we have a free day, I need to write several posts before we move to Palm Desert for the wedding celebrations.  It also helps that the wifi at the campground is decent now that the Thanksgiving crowd has left.


Robyn and Atul's wedding will take place near Palm Springs in a few days.  There will be two ceremonies.  A Hindu ceremony will take place in the morning.  A traditional American ceremony will take place during the early evening.  Our visit to Artesia, just outside of Los Angeles, is related to the Hindu portion of the wedding.  

Artesia is a wonderful town with a dramatic Indian influence.  The main street is lined with numerous clothing stores, gift shops and places to eat.

We accompanied Robyn and Atul as they checked on clothing alterations for the wedding and shopped for wedding gifts for the wedding party and guests. 

We also needed to purchase Indian wedding attire.  Atul helped me select the clothing in the picture.

Scarves and leggings we bought for our other daughter, Amanda (bridesmaid) and her daughter, Kaia.

Dianne is wearing this beautiful outfit that Atul's sister, Mimi, graciously sent for her to wear.  

While Robyn and Atul were considering various gifts, Dianne bought a couple of bangles to match her dress.  Before we left, Atul bought some Indian candy (called "sweets") that we sampled --- very, very sweet indeed.

Drinks --- Looking Down on Los Angeles

We stopped by the Weston Hotel in downtown L.A. on our way back to Robyn and Atul's house for another memorable experience.

We passed through water features in the lobby on the way to the elevator --- water on all sides.

The view in the picture below greeted us when we arrived at the roof-top, rotating bar.

Picture time...

The Happy Couple

We ordered an artisan cheese plate to nibble on while we relaxed.  Robyn, ever frugal, had a groupon for a free shrimp cocktail that we also shared.

I really enjoyed the giant carrot on the cheese plate --- ate the whole thing.

Robyn --- always the comedienne.

One last look at the city lights before descending in the elevator....

... to the water-filled lobby.

The next post will include Thanksgiving Dinner, the Getty Villa, and dinner at Geoffrey's (on the ocean in Malibu).

Pet Picture of the Day...  Another photo from the dog walk trail at the Malibu Beach RV Park.  BTW, in case you a wondering, during the times we are out late with Robyn and Atul, we sleep at their house and board the dogs.

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