Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Canyon Lake --- Fun with Chuck and Cindy (part three)

Roger here....  This day we traveled (on a Chuck Tour) to the small town of Wimberley in search of a farmer's market.  The market turned out not to be a big deal; however, the town and surrounding area turned out to be a highlight of the week.  

We parked on the south side of town  to stop at the Tree House Shop.  Big mistake.  

We did some serious damage to our wallets here.  When the shop keeper noticed all the purchases we were taking to the cashier, she actually brought us some free juice.

After stowing our purchases in the car, we wandered around a curve in the street and found a shopping mecca.  Fortunately, we had already spent too many dineros.

After a quick break in the cleanest wheeled restrooms in existence, we headed to the nearby town of Driftwood for lunch at Salt Lick Barbecue (billed as the largest open-pit barbecue in central Texas).

Gastronomic Tour --- episode five.

But first, a stop at the adjacent Salt Lick Cellars to taste a few wines that go well with barbecue.  Not too bad.  We brought some home.

Seating (inside and outside) at Salt Lick was not an issue --- hundreds of seats.

Wanna a beer with your barbecue?  You cannot buy it at the restaurant.  No worries.  Diners are encouraged to byob from the winery next door.

We all ordered senior plates (supposedly smaller portions) for a six dollar per plate saving.  Plenty of delicious food for me.

Dianne announced that she wanted a slice of pecan pie.  She also announced that she would not be sharing it. Chuck and Cindy split a dessert, but Dianne remained true to her word.  OK by me.

Stomachs full, it was time to work our way back to the condo.  We managed to find the Blue Hole Regional Park along the way. We were all really glad we found it.  What an interesting place.

Another natural swimming area.  Note the swinging ring in the center of the picture.  I would have loved this.  Too bad it was closed to swimming on this day.

However, I did manage to find another tree to (attempt to) climb.

What a peaceful and beautiful place.

Unfortunately, driving back through Wimberley was the most direct way to return to Canyon Lake.  Damaging to my wallet :-).  Dianne stopped at the Tree House to buy a candle that she insists she should have purchased during the earlier visit.

Gastronomic Tour --- episode six.

Fortunately, we also stopped at the Wimberley Pie Company, next door to the gift shop, to get a pecan chocolate chip pie to take home for dinner.  It was an all-sugar extravaganza as we topped the slices with chocolate Blue Bell ice cream.

Stay tuned for Fun with Chuck and Cindy (part four).

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Bill and Nancy said...

Way to go Diane... I wouldn't share that Pecan Pie either;o)) Roger keep practicing... there will be so many trees and rocks to climb in Maine!!!