Thursday, November 13, 2014

Canyon Lake --- Fun with Chuck and Cindy (part five) - finale!

Roger here....  It was our last full day at Canyon Lake.  The four of us have enjoyed kayaking together on many occasions so we sought out a location to rent them in a state park.  But first, Gastronomic Tour --- episode eight...  We returned to Granny D's for the second time.  The food was every bit as delicious as it was on the first visit.  Check out my omelet.

After filling our stomachs we drove fifteen or so miles to Blanco River State Park.  Internet sites advertised inner tube, kayak and canoe rentals.  We were interested in the kayaks.  They no longer rented kayaks, but they did have canoes.  Not what we wanted, but oh well.

The river setting was nice (another natural swimming area), but it was not large enough for a lot of exploring.  It  took less than an hour to paddle the entire stretch and back.  It was somewhat of a disappointment, especially compared to the wonderful, day-long trips we have enjoyed on Sugar Creek in Indiana.

After rolling the canoes back to the rental center we decided to wander around this small park for a bit.  The campground looked nice.  It would not be a bad central location for exploring all the interesting attractions outside the state park boundaries.

A llama and a few goats occupied a pen in the campground area. The llama walked over to check us out.  This guy could use some dental work --- quite the underbite.

We strolled down to the swimming area that was created by a small dam.  Might be fun on a hot day especially for kids.  A walk across the dam took us back to the car.

We had plenty of time on our hands after we arrived back at the condo.  Another round of Mexican Train was in order.  We played Mexican Train nearly every day of the trip.  

Gastronomic Tour --- episode nine.

When we were not exploring or playing Mexican Train, we were eating.  We decided to return to the Baja Grill for our last meal of the week.  The food was great, as before.  The sunset was better than before.

The next morning we crammed all our stuff (including the purchases from Wimberley) into the car and took Chuck and Cindy to the San Antonio airport for their flight back to Indy.  After the goodbyes, Dianne and I drove south for five hours back to our life at Retama Village.  

We always seem to find ways to see Chuck and Cindy despite the many miles between us.  We cannot wait to see what the next adventures will be.  

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