Saturday, November 1, 2014

Canyon Lake --- Fun with Chuck and Cindy (part two)

Roger here...  Day number three took us on a Chuck Tour to the small town of Blanco, where we picked up Subway sandwiches to eat for lunch during a day of hiking.  Our first destination was Pedernales Falls State Park.

Our first hike was a short down-hill jaunt down to the river.  On warm summer days this is a natural swimming area.  We were satisfied to watch and listen to the clear water as it flowed through the rocky limestone bed.  Chuck and I did some rock hopping.

After a short drive to the "falls" area, we stopped for lunch at the overlook.

We scrambled down the steps and over the limestone to get a closer look at the falls.  Pretty place even though the water level was low.

After a while we went on another Chuck Tour --- this time to Canyon Lake Park and the marina.  It was quiet on the lake that day, but the marina was full of all kinds of watercraft.

The ducks seemed to be the only other visitors that day.  

We walked by the Baja BBQ Shack on the way back to the car and checked out the menu.  Might be a good place to watch the sun set?

That evening the RCI folks provided a free dinner at the clubhouse along with a slide show of area attractions.  It was advertised as a no-pressure event.  Believe it or not, it actually was.  After dinner we played some ping pong and a game of miniature golf in the dark.  Cindy won, but Dianne had the best drive.  It took about 20 minutes to find her light blue ball :-).

Gastronomic Tour --- episode three.

Day four found us on the road to Granny D's for breakfast.  This place was highly recommended by everyone we talked with --- for good reason.  Check out the partially eaten side order of a single pancake that came with Dianne's eggs.

We required a little exercise (actually more than a little) to work off a small portion of breakfast.  A trip to the Canyon Lake Dam was in order.  

We walked across the dam (and back) --- two miles.  

After the walk Dianne and Cindy did a few pull-ups.

I did a little tree climbing.

Chuck rested.....

While Dianne and Cindy recovered.

During the walk over the dam, I noticed a trail head below along the Pedernales River.  Since we still had a few more thousand calories to work off, we took a stroll along the river.

It was a nice walk (very flat) along a peaceful river.

In this shot you can see the dam that we were on in the background.

Love that crystal clear water.

Gastronomic Tour --- episode four.

For dinner that evening we returned to the Canyon Lake Marina and the Baja BBQ Shack. Dianne had a brisket taco salad.  Yum. 

The view of the boats in the marina and the sunset added to the experience.

Stay tuned for Fun with Chuck and Cindy --- part three.

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