Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Skidaway Island, GA, outside Savannah

Hi friends - Dianne here. First of all, THANK YOU to Valerie A. for the hints on moving the photos!

We packed up Sunday and left Edisto for our second destination, Skidaway Island State Park outside Savannah, Georgia. Another great campground! We prefer state parks and a more natural setting, even though it is a royal pain to have to break camp and go to the dump station midway through our stay. So far the trade-off has been worth it. Roger re-strung our Christmas lights, and they look even better here than at Edisto.

Monday we drove around to get our bearings, locating a laundromat, grocery, etc. We even drove to downtown Savannah to the visitor's center to get some brochures, etc. to plan our stay. Wow, the historic district is even more beautiful than I imagined it. It definitely wins the prize for Christmas decorations over Charleston. We'll be going back into Savannah to walk the squares in a few days, and I'll take some photos. Our plans will also take us over to Tybee Island, not far from here.

The weather cooled off, but NOTHING like you guys back in Indiana! Wow, glad I'm missing that. It's been in the 50s, but is supposed to warm back up into the mid 70s today and Christmas Day.

Yesterday morning we took the dogs on a nature hike here at Skidaway Island State Park. The holly bushes here are full of berries, and it looked really pretty against the blue sky (see photo).

Spanish moss was dripping off the live oaks, and the dogs were both very alert and busy sniffing along the trail. Both dogs are so happy and animated. They are really happy to have Roger and I 24/7 and LOVING the long walks!

Jasper has already slimmed down a bit and both he and Chaplin have a new spring in their step. It's definitely a healthier way of life for them; at home they'd be house-bound from the cold and just sleeping all day.

One of the interesting features along this trail were some Confederate embankments, mostly built by slaves, that can still be seen. I'll include the way marker, but not sure if you'll be able to read it; it is pretty interesting.

Roger here... Just an fyi, Dianne allowed me to take the picture below only because it was a good hair day. (Margy/Vicki/Karen: if you see this, note the Stray Dog Bar & Grill sweatshirt! -- Dianne)

Our other activity of the day yesterday, since it was a cooler day and warmer days are in the forecast, was to use our Regal Cinema passes (a retirement gift) to see, The Day the Earth Stood Still. (Eric B will be pleased to know this.) This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. When Dianne and I were dating, I insisted that she memorize the phrase, "Gort, Klatu barada nicto," so she could save the Earth in the event that she be involved in an alien invasion. (I know, pretty nerdy, but she married me anyway.) I liked the movie, especially the updated Gort, and the updated special effects. The message of the movie was the same, so I liked that, as well. Dianne tolerated the movie because she got to see Keanu Reeves, so we both had a good time.

I am doing a little experiment with my blood pressure medication. I have stopped taking it for awhile and am monitoring it several times a day. Before we made this move it was in the 160 upper range (without medication - 120 to 145 with medication). For the past three days it has been between 110 and 135 without medication - a good sign. I will talk with my doctor after a few more days to see what he says.

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