Monday, December 15, 2008

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Dianne here.   Wow, we have a beautiful campsite here!   We're in site #26 at Edisto Island State Park.   We are close to the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and a salt marsh on the other, with views of both from the motorhome!   The salt marsh looks totally different at low tide from high tide.  I'll include a photo of each.   Since it is the "off season" here, it is not at all crowded.  In fact, the times we've walked the beach, we've had it all to ourselves.   Dogs are allowed on the beach during the off season, so the "boys" are really enjoying their daily walks.   It is even safe to let Jasper off the leash on the beach (not Chaplin, though, of course!).

The weather changes a lot from day to day.  It's been rainy, windy, cold, warm, etc.  It sounds like the rest of the week for our stay here, we'll have beautiful, warm, '70s weather.  I can handle that!   The waves crash onto the beach here, so we have the constant background noise of the ocean.   It's been warm enough to leave our bedroom window open enough to hear the ocean at night.

The other night, there was a beautiful full moon, the largest and closest moon of the year.  Roger had taken the dogs on their nightly walk on the beach, and came running back to the motorhome to get me so I could see it.  I'm including a couple of photos of the moon and the sunset that night.   I could not get a proper photo of the full moon after dark; the one posted here just gives a hint of how beautiful it was.   

It's a shame I hate oysters, because we could harvest all we want right on the beach if we chose to.  

I'm adding photos, but again, I still haven't figured out how to make them post in order.   Hope you can match them up!   

Also, for those of you adding comments, I have it set up to moderate them before posting, "just in case."   (Anyone can read this blog if they come across it on the internet; I want to keep it family-friendly for Kaia).   That's why they don't show up immediately after you post them.  They e-mail them to us first, and then we publish them to the blog.   Sorry for any confusion about that.  

Roger is going to add his comments today, so keep reading!

Roger here....  After the cold trip down, the weather here has been much better.  I am sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt at the campsite - listening to the ocean.  We had a campfire last night, and probably will again tonight.  Since we have been here, I have been reading, taking long walks on the beach, and doing a daily chore (at least one a day).  Today I cleaned the dead bugs off the front of the motorhome - very fulfilling.  None of the dead bugs complained or threatened to sue me or file some kind of formal complaint, so life is good.

Yesterday we got rations from the Piggly Wigley just across the street from the state park.  For me it was like going back to the 1950's - narrow aisles, basic food, friendly down to earth people... I loved it.

I was frustrated yesterday with the NFL coverage.  Our TV reception is great, but the only way to keep track of the Colts game was to watch the ticker during the Jets game.  It looked a little too close for comfort.  Am I wrong? .  The coverage problem will be solved when we get our satellite installed when we get to Ft. Lauderdale next month.  CBS did a promo about the Purdue/Davidson game, but I did not catch when it will be on.  If anyone knows, send me an email so that I can be sure to watch it.  Before we leave this area we are planning to visit a plantation outside of Charleston and maybe eating at a dive that is supposed to have the best barbecue in the country - just a mile away.  Otherwise, I am just planning to continue walking on the beach and vegging on the hammock.

To all the HSE people who sent emails...THANKS!  It is great to hear from you.


Jolene said...

Hi Roger,

It was a lot of fun to read about your adventures so far and see your pictures. I am jealous! I especially like hearing about the diners - my favorite show is on the food channel - "Diners, Drive in's and Dives" so hearing about your eating spots is right up my alley. Also glad to hear you are relaxing and enjoying your retirement. You most certainly deserve it! Take care and I hope you and Diane have a wonderful holiday. Jolene

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger and Diane! I love reading about your travels and especially seeing the pictures. One hint on getting the pictures in a specific order. After you upload them and they all appear at the top of the post, you can right click, cut and then place your cursor where in the post you want one, then right click, paste. Hope that helps and have a Merry Christmas on the road! Valerie