Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lazy Day, Dog Park, + Folly Beach

Dianne again (I'm on a roll!)

On Tuesday we spent a lazy day around the campground at Lake Aire until we finally got our act together and went exploring around 2:00.   For those teachers and folks back at HSE, I have proof that Roger is taking to retirement like a duck to water.   I snuck a photo of him drinking a beer and working a crossword puzzle at 1:00 in the afternoon.   He probably didn't even know what day it was!!!  

We walked the dogs on a nature trail here at the campground.   The trail is next to a small lake and I'm adding a photo of it, since a picture is worth 1,000 words.   Once again, the photos don't show up where I intend for them to in the blog; maybe someday I'll figure it out.   Here also is a photo of our motorhome in our camp site here at Lake Aire campground.

There are some large, exotic ducks here at the campground called Muscovy.   I stalked one of them to get a photo, and lo and behold found myself right next to a bush where they had hidden a nest of duck eggs.   

Around 2:00 we put "the boys" in the car with us and drove to James Island County Park, where they have an awesome dog park.  It is HUGE!   There is even a small sandy beach and water for them to swim in.   The tall structures in the photo are part of a light display they have here at the county park every Christmas.   Jasper and Chaplin had a great time running and playing with the other dogs.   There were a LOT of dogs there.   Jasper chased a frisbee, and Chaplin just ran around and acted like Chaplin.   I made the mistake of carrying a plastic bag with dog toys and treats in it into the park and got jumped on by about five wet, sandy dogs who wanted my toys and treats!   We stayed for quite a while, until a chow started acting a little aggressive toward Chaplin.   Jasper was a good "big brother" and actually tried to deflect the chow away from Chaplin.  

From there, we drove down to Folly Beach.   This was our first view of the ocean during this trip.   The Low Country is beautiful in a very different way than we are used to in the Midwest.  There is a sea of grass and marsh land.   I'm including a couple photos we took at Folly Beach, looking AWAY from the ocean.   

The last photo for today (probably will show up as the first one on this blog) was a great shot of the crashing waves, blue sky, and the moon just starting to show.   I have to say, this is the life!!


Chuck said...

Chuck and Cindy here. We enjoyed your comments and the pictures were a great addition. Good job Diane. We are glad to see that the Boys have found some friends to play with. The Boys really have a rough life!! Keep relaxing and happy travels. Take care.

Debbie said...

I was thinking of you today, and came on to see how your adventures were going.... sounds like things are good!! So happy to hear Roger is relaxing and sitting back enjoying life. Thanks Diane for letting us see your life on the road. I will check back in on you. You guys have a wonderful Christmas. And remember to send me your mailing address.