Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country


Roger here...  Well it is time to wrap things up.  Our summer travels have come to an end.  

Our first stop after the travails of Abilene was Fredericksburg, Texas, one of our favorite places. We stayed five nights and decided not to cram too much into every day.  There is so much to do.


The Campground....  

We parked our Airstream at the Bending Oaks RV Resort (formerly the KOA).  The park is still very much the same as before, except that it is now a 21-plus park (no kids).  The new owners are making some very nice improvements.  We always reserve a nice, quiet, shady spot in the back near the goats, sheep and donkeys who live on the farm just across the fence from our site.

Bending Oaks is set among the wineries, about 5 miles from town.  It has a rural feel that includes three enormous longhorns.  We will probably always choose this park when we stay in Fredericksburg.

A quick trip into town...

Dogologie is Dianne's favorite store.  Poquita usually gets new stuff --- a new red harness this year. (And a couple of what Roger terms "frilly" scarves to match her harnesses.  At least I didn't buy her a dress this time  -- D).   

 Clear River Ice Cream, Bakery, and Deli is a must-stop visit.  So many flavors of delicious ice cream.

Hmmm?  What to get?  What to get?  What looks good to you?

Grape Creek Winery...

We are members of the wine club at Grape Creek.  We get a free glass of wine every day that we visit.  We stopped on two different days.  The outdoor areas remind us of Italy.  So do the wines.

We ordered fondue to accompany the wine one day --- a blast from the past.

However, it did not arrive in an orange pot.

The seating areas all seem to be in the middle of the vineyards.  

We picked up our October wine club bottles during our second visit.  The wine would normally be delivered to our casita in the Rio Grande Valley, but we were not there.

Signor Winery...

A new favorite winery for us is the pricey Signor Winery.  The wine is delicious.  Dianne's favorite is the Sangiovese.  

The atmosphere is soothing.

Alamo Springs Cafe....

This unique venue requires weaving along winding and hilly roads for 10 or so miles.  It is truly out in the country (not far from Luckenbach).  Sometimes you need to get away from all the wine and have a cold beer.

You could sit inside, but most of the seating in this eclectic place is outside.  You do have to walk inside to get your beer of choice out of the cooler.

Alamo Springs is known for having the best burgers in Texas.  I can attest to that.  However, this time I opted for a pork sandwich.  Oh my, it was so good!

Singing Waters Winery...

After filling our stomachs with the great food at Alamo Springs, we decided to drive to the small town of Comfort to find the Singing Hills Winery.  A friend of ours recommended it.  What a cool place.

We ordered a glass of wine at the outdoor bar then claimed a spot at the treehouse table.  Someone had an active imagination.  

Please bear in mind that all these winery visits took place over five days --- a good thing.


A trip to Austin was necessary for the annual warranty inspection of our Airstream.  McKinney Falls State Park is located between downtown Austin and the Airport, a short (but hectic) drive to the Airstream dealership.  We spent three nights at this great park, and quite a bit of time moving things from the Airstream to the SUV, in case the inspection and minor repairs lasted more than a day.

We ended up leaving the Airstream with the mechanics so that they could do some minor nuts and bolts repairs and double check to ensure that our problems in Abilene did not cause other problems.

So, we drove the SUV home (5 1/2 hours).  We will have to drive back to Austin to get it when it is finished, but that trip will certainly not be blogworthy.

This summer has been quite a ride.  We saw so many new and gorgeous areas.  We saw our daughter and son-in-law twice.  We connected with old friends.  We had countless new experiences.  

Highlights of the last four months included:

Cave paintings at Hueco Tanks State Historic Park

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Two days of fun with Greg and Barb

Fun with Robyn and Atul at Morro Bay, CA

Redwoods National Park on the northern CA coast

Dry camping  in a grove of redwoods at Jedediah Smith State Park

Days on an Oregon beach at Newhalem State Park

An unforgettable month in Anacortes WA --- too many adventures to mention.

A day trip to North Cascades National Park

A week in the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth WA where Robyn and Atul met us

Museum time in Cody WY

Total relaxation near the Little Big Horn near Garryowen, Montana

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Capulin Volcanic National Park, NM

Caprock Canyon State Park - wow!

Fredericksburg, TX

Till next year!


The Bending Oaks RV Resort outside of Fredericksburg is evidently a dumping ground for unwanted cats.  The park owners get them vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  They also try to find them homes.  Dianne and I did not mind the curious felines.  They were fun to watch.  They also provided excitement for our dogs :-).

The orange guy below flaked out underneath Poquita's table one day without a care in the world.  

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