Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nearly Time to Leave Texas

View from our Patio in South Texas

Roger here...   If you have followed our blogs in the past, you know that we go through a semi-dormant period during the winter months when we are not traveling.  That dormancy will be ending in a couple of weeks as we embark on our next adventures.

Before going further, we should probably update you on a few bits and pieces from the winter months in Texas.  

Chuck, Cindy and Sophie at Bobz
Our friends Chuck and Cindy (and Sophie) from Indiana spent three wonderful weeks with us in January.  You know that you have great friends when after long periods of separation, the friendship immediately resumes the next time you see them.  Chuck and Cindy are great friends and we had so much fun.  We found a parking place (or two) for our motor home so they parked their fifth wheel right next to our casita.  They promised they would visit us again.  We intend to hold them to that promise.  BTW.  They brought us a REALLY COOL Purdue corn hole game --- a sign of true friendship from Indiana University fans.

Former Retama Village residents Mike and Brenda spent a few days in our motor home in February.  Unfortunately, we did not remember to take any pictures, but it certainly was nice getting to see them.

  The picture at the right is of our good friend Linda modeling her new collapsable boots.   She and Bob spent a winter month in Norway.  Why Norway in the winter?  Because they can.  And... they wanted to see the northern lights (which they did).  This picture was taken shortly before we took them to the airport.

Our cat, Charlie, just celebrated his 15th birthday.  Due to some excitement this morning, it was nearly his last.  Early this morning, he was enjoying some quiet time on the patio.  He was on a leash since he can walk through our wrought iron fence.  Our early morning (indoor) coffee time was shattered when Bandido and Tequila (also indoors) went absolutely crazy at the back door.  The barking was not the barking we hear when a rabbit is nearby.  Increase the intensity by about ten.  As Dianne ran to the door, she watched a coyote approaching the six-foot fence at the back of our property.  The coyote, who could easily have scaled the fence, had his eye on Charlie.   He turned away and jumped into the trees due to the frantic barking of our dogs.  Charlie owes one of his nine lives to Bandido and Tequila.

No discussion of a coyote would be complete without a requisite road runner picture.  Dianne spotted this guy this morning during our morning walk at Bentsen Rio Grande State Park.  Sorry that the picture is so fuzzy, but after all, these birds do run quickly.  Beep.  Beep.

The men in this extended golf cart are four of my ping pong buddies.  It brings back memories from high school.  We play three mornings a week.

After a recent morning of play,  Jim asked for help moving a couch.  I have titled these pictures.... FOUR OLD GUYS AND A GOLF CART.  

Dianne and I continue to walk dogs at a local no-kill pet rescue center.   

Cinderella Pet Rescue is a wonderful place.  A few weeks ago I got to play with some new puppies.  By the way, these two and their sibling have already found new homes.

Transition Time...

Dianne and I continue to enjoy a retirement lifestyle that fits our desire for travel and adventure during the summers, balanced by the consistency and comfort of a small home with great neighbors, fulfilling activities and a wonderful climate during the winters.  I do wish that we could figure out how to see our two daughters and granddaughter more often.  They live at opposite ends of the country and nowhere near Texas.  At some point we will determine a way to solve that problem.

 Right now, we are in a transition stage as we prepare to leave our home in Texas for a few months so we can explore places we have never seen before.  During these next few days we are literally moving into a different home --- our motor home.  The good news is that our next home is sitting in our driveway.  

I am sure that you don't want to hear about the mundane preparations (motor home service, checks of tire pressure monitors, lists of things to take, trip planning, teeth cleaning in Mexico, doctors appointments, prescription renewals, veterinary visits, etc., etc., etc.  However, I thought that you might want to see a few pictures of the paradise in our back yard that we will be vacating --- for a while.  

Why are we leaving?  Two reasons:  one, it gets very warm (He means HOT!!!-- D.) here in the summer; and two,  there are so many adventures ahead.  If you follow our blog, you will get to see some new places in the southwest, the east side of the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies, genealogy research in Salt Lake City,  (VERY Funny, Roger... D. -- [you can tell he's thrilled about that])  Dinosaur National Monument, Rocky Mountain National Park, two state parks in the Texas panhandle, and Fredericksburg Texas (again).  Stay tuned.

Here are three pet pictures of the day and a shot of our casita at dusk from behind our Texas bar:

Bandido keeping watch on the back yard.

Tequila keeping watch on the front yard.

Tequila staring down a lizard on the fence.

Check back soon as we hit the road May 1 for a five-month adventure!   -- Dianne