Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catching Up - Fun Times in South Texas!

Hi all, Dianne here.  Well, our winter here in South Texas is coming to a close.  It's already springtime down here, the weather is beautiful, but we're all starting to get "hitch-itch" -- that phenomenon where the traveling spirit in RV'ers takes hold and we're ready to hit the road.  Once that happens, we'll update our blog regularly.  For now, though, here's what we've been up to the past month or so:

My friend Sue devised a fun pirate scavenger hunt for her two small grandchildren during their recent visit.  Since we all had costumes from last year's pirate party, the hunt ended at our place with the treasure being guarded by "four-legged pirates."  None of my photos were as good as this one our friend Jim took, so I'm "pirating" it!

The treasure chest was hidden beneath our beer cooler.

Here come the little pirates!  Will they find the treasure?
Where can it be??

We found it!

Little children sure are fun.  So are seniors when they congregate in the south for the winter.  I've heard it described as "senior spring break," except that it lasts all winter long.

To illustrate how silly and fun it can be, this week our village hosted a "Not-So-Newlywed Game," complete with some hilariously clever "commercial breaks."  Roger and I had a bit part, so my good friend and neighbor, Linda, agreed to use our camera to take some shots of the fun for us.

After a wonderful spaghetti dinner, the fun began.  As an example, one of the questions asked of the husbands was:  "What secret does your wife have that she doesn't think you know about?"   Needless to say, the guys were smart enough not to touch that one with a ten-foot pole!  Lots of laughs all evening long.

The bit part Roger and I played was in the final commercial for "Depends."  First, Barb modeled the Texas Bling version for that special night out on the town...

Then Greg modeled the male version for special holidays...

Finally, Roger and I modeled the "Special Day" Depends.  Roger's even had pinstripes!
Thanks again to our friend Linda for agreeing to some camera duty that evening.  We were seated behind all the activity so that we could quickly change into our costumes.  
The very next evening was another special occasion, complete with homemade maple ice cream and made-from-scratch birthday cake for a certain husband of mine who has been working very hard lately in his duties as chairman of the village advisory board.

Our good friends and neighbors gathered 'round and we all kicked back and enjoyed a beautiful evening together!   It was so pleasant we lingered after dark and lit a campfire.  Life is good!

The lure of new places and travels does call to us, but I can tell you we will miss these nightly happy hours and the camaraderie of friends.  At least we know next fall we can pick up just where we leave off this spring.

The pet pictures of the day are two close-ups of Bandido and Tequila in their spiffy pirate costumes:
                       A pirate...
                          ...and his wench!