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Final Days at Creede, Colorado - Mountain Views RV Resort

Mountain Views at River's Edge RV Resort, Creede, Colorado
Hi all, Dianne here.  Our time at Mountain Views RV Resort included lots of Labor Day Weekend activities in the nearby small town of Creede.  

Roger and I managed to enjoy all of the activities this year except for the Mountain Run.  All of them were free other than the salsa fiesta.  As noted in our prior blog entry, we could enjoy the balloon festival from the comfort of our RV.  

Same went for the fireworks.  Roger was already in bed asleep when I heard the first fireworks, and I woke him up to watch them out our big windows.  Doesn't get much easier than that -- no driving, no parking, no waiting in traffic to get back home.  In fact, the only activity we drove to was the salsa fiesta, and we could have walked to that had we not planned to do shopping in town.

Each day began with a 2-mile walk up the gravel ATV path to the edge of town.
   Our four-mile daily walk wasn't really a hardship with views like this along the way!  Our routine was to walk to the edge of town and use the public restroom at the skateboard park, give the dogs some water, and walk home.  
 On the day of the gravity derby, we walked on into town and joined the crowd along sloping Main Street to watch the fun.

One of the things I like about Creede is that even though it's a very small town, it is just "touristy" enough that we never felt like outsiders when we joined in the local activities.  It's a very friendly, welcoming place.  

The gravity derby rules were like a soap box derby -- no pedals or motors allowed.  If gravity doesn't move you, you don't move.  There were hay bales at the bottom of the hill to stop any runaway entrants.  We saw at least two that ran through the barrier.

There were ingenious entries...

Fast entries...

(Painfully) Slow entries...
...a kindly onlooker finally gave her a shove...
...pretty girl entries...
And a few that were beyond description...
It was a fun way to spend the morning.  Bandido and Tequila were very good and were just two of many dogs sharing the event with their owners.

The final event of Labor Day weekend was the ATV rodeo.  This was the second year we attended the rodeo.  It was held at the fairgrounds, just a short walk from our RV park, and along our morning dog walk route.

That morning we watched the preparations as we walked past on our dog walk.
The tanker truck was adding water to the "mud pit."

After lunch we walked back over and took a spot on the bleachers to watch the rodeo.  We kept an eye on some gathering clouds.

The little kids went first, and showed their driving ability by weaving their way around the poles, barrels, and cones.  

We split a hamburger grilled by the local Mineral County Search and Rescue and watched the little kids perform.
The clouds continued to darken overhead, and we opted to walk on home and not risk getting caught in the rain.

The rodeo went on for quite a while after we left (we could hear it from our RV and even see a little bit) and the rain did hold off until almost the end.  What we missed by leaving early was the older kids racing through the mud pits -- but I found this photo from last year to give you an idea...

 After the full weekend, we had a day or two to get ready to move on to our next stop outside Colorado Springs.   I had two weeks' worth of laundry to do, but check out the laundry facility at Mountain Views RV Resort (this is for my RV'ing friends)...

This is only one side of it.  There are 20 washers and 24 dryers!   And look at the view at my  folding table...

Best of all, I had the whole place to myself.  

The drive on Colorado 149 (The Silver Thread Highway) from Creede toward Colorado Springs and our next stop was scenic, to say the least.  Here is just a sampling...

Rio Grande River

After about four hours we arrived at our home for the next two weeks, Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort.  We've been here before (last summer), and it's another of those "gotta go back" places.  Much more on that later.
 After we got set up,  Carol and Dennis, friends of ours from Retama Village in Texas, called and drove over for a short visit.  Carol serves on the Retama Village advisory board with Roger.  They were leaving the Colorado Springs area the next morning, and gave us some good ideas of places to check out while we're here.   It was fun to "catch up" and see part of our Retama family on the road!

The pet photo of the day shows Tequila on the home stretch of one of our daily 4-mile walks in Creede.  When she decides she's had enough, she will plop down and make it known that she's not moving for a while -- doesn't matter if it's in the middle of a road, dusty or muddy spot; if she's done, she's done!
I've learned that dragging doesn't work, and she's certainly too heavy to carry, so we just stop and wait a minute and she'll eventually get up and start again.  Actually, this "plop-down" was on my 63rd birthday, and it made me feel good to know that I can still outlast my dog!

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