Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jojoba Hills Escapees Park - WOW!

Roger here....  Look at the picture above to see the back yard at our current site at Jojoba Hills.  Actually, it is just one part of the back yard.  This site is the most amazing civilized site we have encountered in five years of RVing.  The cost? Keep in mind that we are in California.  $22 a night!  We are so upset that we are not staying longer than four nights, but we have plans down the road.  This entire post is devoted to our site here at Jojoba Hills.  (Dianne here:  Don't drive to California expecting to get a site like this at Jojoba Hills.  The people who own this site obviously love it, and I suspect they spend much of their time here.  I am still amazed that we were so lucky as to get this site.  If this isn't the best site in the park, I'd like to see the others!)

After checking in, and receiving the most thorough welcoming information that we have ever received at an RV park, we were escorted to our site by Chuck, who talked with us for about 20 minutes after directing us into our spectacular site.  Everyone here is so friendly.

This view of the gigantic parking area for our car, and the fenced utility pedestal provides only a glimpse of what we found on the remainder of the site.

The landscaping that was visible when  walking from the car parking area to the front of the motor home was beautiful.

This picture illustrates one of the sitting areas at the back of the site that overlooks the ever-present boulders, the mountains, other areas of the park, and three ponds (below), all with fountains.

 The shot below shows Dianne enjoying the view.

The storage shed and gas grill area was one of the many areas screened by decorative fencing.

 The gazebo was a focal point in the back yard....
that also provided excellent shade in the southern California sun.
We even had a bright green lawn (albeit astro-turf) and a park bench complete with street light.

Even a quiet spot to sit in the sun if we so desired.  (We did not.)

Dianne took lots of pictures of the numerous decorative xeriscape plantings.  There was something to enjoy in every direction.

Somebody has a green thumb.

Anyone know what kind of fruit this is?  The tree was completed covered.

I have not yet mentioned all the other amenities this place has:  
a stunning pool, two hot tubs, 
two saunas, library, video library, tennis court, pickle ball court, miniature golf course, meeting/party hall, wood/metal shop, air gun range, etc.  There is also a lot to do in the area.  We will share some of it in the next three posts.

This is a place that we intend to visit often.  The next time we hope to stay for a month. 
The above photo shows the isolated dog run.  The run itself is not very special, but it is in a scenic area and it is plenty long enough for Bandido to chase tennis balls and for Tequila to hunt for lizards.  All week long we thought this was the only dog run in the park.  The day before we left, we took a tour with Charlie, a very friendly resident, who showed us around the park and introduced us to all of the amenities.  

During Charlie's tour we discovered that there is a larger dog park that is not yet on the rv park map, so we made sure to take the kids over there on our last evening.

The good thing about this park is that it's built on a slope, so that if Bandido doesn't retrieve the ball, it will roll back on its own!


heyduke50 said...

looks like i will have to renew my escapees when we head back west, nice find...

MsHeyduke said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Love SoCal!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

WOW! nice place:)

Judy Kooiman said...

We will be looking into this park...we are thinking on selling our home...this looks inviting for sure...!

xctraveler said...

We visited in March 2015 We liked the park so much that after our tour on the second day of our visit we put our names on the wait list.

Today (June 2016) after having arrived mid December 2015 we are planning to travel cross country, knowing our place and our many new friends will be here in the Fall when we return.We will put the place in the rental pool from July 5 until our return.