Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We're Outta Here! On to the RV Dreams Rally

Roger here....  Sunday morning.  The sun was up.  I was enjoying a few more minutes of sleep while Bandido watched for intruders.  Time to get up.  Big day ahead.

We finished packing and moving the outside furniture into the coach house on Saturday night, so the only tasks before leaving were setting off a bug bomb inside the coach house and locking the doors.  Our lot sure looks empty right now.

Time to connect the Matrix to the motor home for the first time in six months.

On to Kerrville (an hour west of San Antonio), 300+ miles and six hours away.   We worried a bit about how Tequila would handle her first trip in the motor home.  As it turns out, there was really nothing to be concerned about.  When she was not sleeping, she sat next to Dianne watching the scenery go by.

The Border Patrol checkpoint greeted us after about an hour of driving at Falfurrias.  We have passed through this checkpoint enough times now that it is just another part of the trip.  We waited a little longer this time as the agents were very interested in the vehicle at the front of our line.  The patrol dogs must have detected something.  The vehicle was eventually pulled over to the side for a more thorough search.  Uh-oh.  Someone was having a bad day. 

We arrived at our destination, Buckhorn Lake Resort, at about 4:30 p.m.  We have stayed here before, but it has been almost three years.  It is an upscale place (nicer than most of the places we stay) with lots of amenities, a good place to enjoy the RV Dreams Rally, sponsored by Howard and Linda Payne.

On Monday, we drove  17 miles to the idyllic town of Fredericksburg in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  We have been there many times before.  This time, our sole purpose for the trip was to have lunch at Auslander's, our favorite German restaurant.  I had a reuben sandwich (outstanding) and a mug of Spaten.  Yum.  It brought back memories of a similar lunch last year with our Indiana camping buddies - Chuck and Cindy.    

When we returned, Dianne found some time to enjoy the view from our site.

Later in the day we joined a large group of "RV Dreamers" enjoying happy hour outside Howard and Linda's RV.

Tuesday morning we took the dogs on a three-mile hike to the end of Goat Creek Road, and back.  It was a nice hike (only saw two cars the whole time) in one of the most picturesque areas of Texas.  

Dianne enjoyed the adolescent calves.

Bandido enjoyed a quick dip in Goat Creek.

The Rally started in the afternoon.  I volunteered to help with registration.  Then a bizarre thing happened.  One of the attendees, Greg, came up to me and asked if I was from Pendleton, IN.  After a moment of confusion I realized that I went to school with Greg and his wife Diana.  They graduated one year before me.  Pendleton is a small place.  There were only about 600 students in the entire high school at the time we were there.  Running into people I knew decades ago from my hometown, in a place that was hundreds of miles away,  was amazing.  We will have a lot of catching up to do.

The pet picture of the day shows Tequila enjoying one of her frequent naps.  Smelling all the new smells in this place is exhausting.


Gin and Syl said...

Those small world moments sure are nice. I think the Rally is even more fun when you volunteer to help. Wish we were there having fun with everyone!

Nancy and Bill said...

Enjoy the rally!! Hope you have your favorite thing all plan;o))

heyduke50 said...

we are just down the road from the rally and stopped by for a look about at the RV park today...

Tumbleweed Dee said...

I wish we were there too, but family obligations kept us from going this year. It's great to know you made it and you'll have a great time.

Margie and Roger said...

So glad you are back on the road. Wondering if you hated to leave Retama or were you really wanting to hit the road? You should have a wonderful time in Utah. Looking forward to your blog and photos.