Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rogue River Gorge (OR) --- from blue to white

Roger here....  On the drive back from Crater Lake we debated whether to stop at the Rogue River Gorge Overlook.  Quite honestly, we were both still reveling in the sights, the very blue sights, we had just seen at Crater Lake.  However, the campground host where we were staying told us that we should definitely stop.  It was not out of the way, so we stopped.  Glad we did.

We walked from the parking area to the river.  The very nice view was similar to other views of the Rogue River that we had already seen.  We could have gone back to the car at that point, but there was a paved trail that followed the river, so we decided to walk a bit.  

As we walked upstream, the rock walls rose, and the river narrowed and became more turbulent (and white).  

There was also an abundance of green here.  Lots of green in Oregon.

At the end of the paved trail we discovered a turbulent series of waterfalls.

Dianne here: To get the complete multi-sensory affect of these photos, you should sniff a pine-scented candle while viewing them.  The woodsy-piney scent with the roaring water in the background was truly awesome.

We reached the end of the paved trail.  A nice looking dirt trail continued beyond the waterfalls, but we were weary, and the dogs missed us.  So, we made our way back to the car, and then back to the motor home.

Just a little more of that green moss that is so prevalent in this part of the country.

The title of the pet picture of the day is, "a dog and his stick."  More about this in the next post.

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Bill and Nancy said...

So glad you are having such beautiful weather. Oregon is not always so kind;o( We had to give up on her after about 5 consecutive days of rain!! Hope mother nature continues to be kind:o))