Monday, May 27, 2013

Prospect, Oregon.... Hiking from the Campground and Moving On

Roger here..... The Rogue River rolled directly behind our campsite.  

The entrance to the National Forest trails could not have been closer to our campsite.  

We walked the dogs along the trails a couple of times every day while we were at the Crater Lake Campground.

If we turned right on the trail, we eventually arrived at a small dam and reservoir.  

Walking across the flow of fast-moving black water.....

brought us to a quiet picnic area and a continuation of the trail.

If we walked to the left,  we could descend to the river and...

Take another look at the raging river.

Bandido and I were forced to hop around a number of river pools to get the photo on the right.

A lot of very green plants also edged the trail.

One morning, after a night of gentle rain, the greenery on the sides of the trail looked as if they were covered with diamonds.  The opening photo show the identity of the small sparkles.

 Some of the water droplets decorated the plants.

Some smothered spider webs.  All were beautiful.

It was always a short, easy stroll back to the motor home.

Two days before we were to depart our spot in the forest, the water in the campground failed.  The problem was eventually solved, but not until midmorning on the following day.  We decided to leave a day early, but not with bad feelings about the campground or the people who were in charge.  The next leg of our journey was going to be a five- or six-hour drive.  We decided to cut it in half.

We drove back to I-5 following our arrival route to avoid snow.  We then drove to the small town of Winston, near the highway, where we spent the night in a great campground, Rising River.  

Retama friends, John and Audrey, emailed us about a winery in that area that had a tasty Tempranillo.  

We were in the Umpqua wine region of Oregon, known for excellent wines.  We managed to arrive at the tasting room more than an hour before closing.  The wines were excellent, in the opinion of someone who is not a wine expert.  We bought some Tempranillo and some Viognier.  

The pet pictures of the day show a couple of scenarios along the trails at the campground.  The first shows Bandido flaunting a stick he found on the trail.  He protected it in the same manner that he protects his precious toy balls.

The second shows Tequila.  Her obsession with lizards in the desert has now transferred to an obsession with squirrels.  She remained frozen in this pose, staring at the squirrel that she ran into the tree, until we pulled her away.

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