Thursday, September 13, 2012

Return to Abiquiu (NM)

Hi all, Dianne here.  On our slow drive back to Texas, we decided to spend a few days just relaxing at the Corps of Engineers Riana Campground next to Abiquiu Reservoir in New Mexico.  We spent 10 days here in September of 2010 and explored the area at that time.  This visit we just wanted to relax, hike, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Best of all, now that Roger has his Senior National Park pass, we can finally stay at Corps of Engineers campgrounds for half price.  $7.00 per night is quite a deal!

Lots of reading and Sudoku time.  The photo on the left shows our motor home and the beautiful red cliffs in the distance.

Tequila had lots of fun stalking and chasing lizards. 


Ever present in the background is the Cerro Pedernal, a frequent subject in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, who spent years painting the surrounding scenery in this area.


The first night we were reminded of the beautiful sunsets that we experienced on our prior visit.
There are several hiking trails that we enjoyed exploring with the “kids,” some leading down to the reservoir…IMG_6664IMG_6678IMG_6692
Others leading up to the dam…
Here are a few of my favorite shots:



During one of our hikes, we found the perfect picnic spot on a large rock outcropping near the reservoir.  Roger wanted to pose on the rock with unexpected results  (well, he should have expected it; check out the very short video below the photo):

We didn’t make it back there for a picnic, because yesterday it rained almost all day.  A good time to stay inside and write a blog!  Roger (the consummate planner) is busy planning our route next summer to the Pacific Northwest.  It may sound early, but some of the places we want to try to stay along the Oregon coast fill up a year in advance.  Location, location, location….


I’m sure we’ll return again to this beautiful place.  Should you want more information about things to do in this area, here are two links to our prior blogs written from here:

Beautiful Hike at Ghost Ranch to Chimney Rock

Roger's Hike at Ghost Ranch to Box Canyon

We wrote other blog posts during that visit, but most were about time spent at the campground.  Last visit, we did take our Sea Eagle kayak out on the reservoir twice: 

Kayaking on Abiquiu Reservoir

I had fun re-reading these posts, but it made me a little sad because last time we were here we still had our whippets, and they loved it here as much as Bandido and Tequila do. 

This morning we will break camp and head south through New Mexico, back to Texas.  After three travel days we plan to spend some time at Lost Maples State Park in Bandera County, Texas, then a week in Fredericksburg before the last leg to Mission and our Retama winter home.

The pet photo of the day is one of about 200 photos that my wildlife cam took of Tequila stalking lizards.  I hung the camera and didn’t realize her lead was long enough to put her in camera range.  She spent an entire afternoon on high alert, looking for lizards.  At the end of the day she was exhausted!

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Anonymous said...

Well, we may have to try this place for Spring Break next year. We are trying to sell our RV which was always our original plan after the one summer crazy road-trip, but no takers so far, so the Snail may be on the Road Again in 2013. This looks like an easy spot to get to from Boulder...