Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Fun, Colorado Style - Salsa, Balloons & Rodeo!

Hi all, Dianne here.   Roger and I attended several Labor Day Weekend activities here in Creede, Colorado.  We knew there would be a balloon launch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

  Friday morning we watched the balloons as they sailed right over the RV park.  The launch site was just down the road, so Saturday morning Roger and I set our alarm and at 7:00 a.m. walked down to watch the launch preparations.

How interesting!  We were able to walk right up and watch the balloons as they spread them out, turned the fans on and inflated each colorful balloon.  

It was exciting to see each balloon as it righted itself and began to take flight.

Up, up and away!!!

We enjoyed it so much that we set our alarm and walked over Sunday morning to watch it all over again.

Another activity we thoroughly enjoyed in downtown Creede was the Salsa Fiesta.  We purchased our tickets at the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Center, then strolled through downtown Creede and tasted samples at 15 participating businesses of four categories of salsa:  red, green, fruit, and freestyle.  We did a little window shopping in the various stops as we tasted our way around town.   During our pleasant afternoon in Creede we also stopped for an espresso/latte and some ice cream.

My favorite store was
Rare Things, a very unique, creative and interesting store.  Word has it that when Johnny Depp was in Creede filming the Lone Ranger, that he also enjoyed shopping here, privately of course.  In my former life I could have easily dropped a few hundred dollars inside, but now with our downsized and simplified life I was able to stick to window shopping.  

Live music played from the gazebo.  When we returned there to turn in our votes for our favorite salsas, we came upon a few reptiles that were delighting the local children, including this huge turtle:

Almost as big as his admirer!

I wonder how old this big guy is?
A 'Lil Gator

Tequila would have LOVED this huge lizard!
Last, but not least, on Monday afternoon we walked over to watch the free ATV rodeo event.  We had never heard of an ATV rodeo, and wondered what it was all about.  

The format was different age groups barrel racing, figure 8, and pole bending.  The little guy above looked so tiny compared to his four-wheeler.  He was very determined and did a great job!  

Sunny, 70s, a perfect afternoon outside with mountain views as a backdrop.  Some spectators even showed up on horseback.

There were only a few spills, and no injuries.

Our favorite part was watching the kids, both young and teens, race through the mud section as part of the pole-bending event.  Here are two of my favorite action shots:

The pet photo of the day is not Bandido, Tequila, or Charlie the Cat.  As we strolled around Creede at the Salsa Fiesta, I couldn't help but photograph this local colorful resident with his dog as they drove through town.  What you can't see is that there was another big dog riding in the back of the jeep.  It kind of summed up the "vibe" of the town for me --

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Diana said...

I should have stayed longer - looks like great fun! Love your pictures.