Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small Town Fourth of July at its Best!

Hi all, Dianne here.  Roger and I decided to take advantage of all the festivities here in Munising, Michigan for the Fourth of July.  Wow, this town really celebrates!

We took our spots among hundreds of folks to watch the hour-long parade.  The weather was perfect:  around 77 degrees and sunshine.

All the little kids were especially excited, and showed up with buckets and sacks to catch all the candy they knew would be tossed their way from the bands and floats.

There was even a pipes and drums corps.

One interesting tradition here is for the high school class reunions to each have a float.  We saw the classes of 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, and 2001 ride past on floats.  

Here is one parade entrant following the class reunion floats that I just had to include!  If you can't make out the lettering on the sign, it says:  
"We the people of the class of 1976 regretably failed to twice elect Peggy Carberry homecoming queen.  We would like to right this wrong.  Peggy Carberry, homecoming queen, class of 1976."  Peggy was there in all her glory!

The parade went on for just under an hour.  Obviously a very big deal here in this town, because it seemed everyone in town was either in the parade or lining the streets.

Bayfront park had its own festivities going on:  lots of food tents and even something new for me, "Chicken Poop Bingo."  We wandered up to the tent to see just how it was played.

The chicken finally did his job on number 7, so whoever bought a chance on "7" won some cash.

We skipped some of the activities, but walked over to see the pet parade.  Once they finally got started, it did not disappoint!  Here are some highlights:

For my pet picture of the day, I'm including a photo of what I hope become three pets in loving homes.  These three cute dogs in the pet parade are up for adoption at the Munising, Michigan animal shelter.  The dog in the front is obviously part blue heeler, like Bandido.  He seemed very friendly and a great dog.  Pass the word, if you know someone who would like to adopt!  Bandido will tell you that shelter dogs are the greatest dogs in the world.

I'll close out our visit to Munising with yet another great sunset photo over Lake Superior that Roger took last evening.  


Nancy and Bill said...

I loved this post!!!

I had to work yesterday and sometime during the day, I mentioned to a co-worker that a trip to Home Depot was not part of my traditional 4th of July celebration ;o((

Your post brought back great memories of how we use to celebrate the 4th of July :o))))

heyduke50 said...

looks like it was a fun filled day...

Gin and Syl said...

I liked your post. Independence Day is celebrated in many ways but this looked like a very good way to enjoy it with the locals. Stay safe.