Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friend Time in Michigan

Hi all, Dianne here.  Not much time to write, but I'll try to update about our fun week so far with our Indiana camping buddies.

We met up with Chuck, Cindy, Pat, Audrey, and of course Sophie, the luckiest dog in Fishers, Indiana, at Wild Cherry RV Resort near Suttons Bay, Michigan.  Cindy and Audrey researched and found this RV Resort last summer when we spent a week together in Holland, Michigan.  

Roger and I arrived first, but were still setting up when the other two RVs pulled in.  We hadn't seen Pat and Audrey since last summer, so it was really good to see them arrive.  Chuck and Cindy visited us in Mission, Texas this March, but it is always good to meet up again.

Cindy and Pat have taken advantage of the free golf holes right next to our sites.  We've all enjoyed the view of the tranquil lake, surrounded by cat tails, right behind our RVs.

Despite the heat wave gripping the U.S., we've found comfortable seating in the shade for happy hour each evening.  

Bandido and Sophie started up their never-ending wrestling match that they began this March in Texas.

Day One included an afternoon at a dog-friendly beach.  It was so hot that Roger dipped Chaplin into the water to cool him off. After toughing it out for a while, we all concluded it was just too hot and went back to the RV park.  

Even our Sportbrellas (Audrey and Pat have one, too) didn't protect us from the heat this time.

On the way back we stopped for ice cream and visited the 1852 Grand Traverse lighthouse inside Leelanau State Park.  

Pat and Audrey climbed the lighthouse tower and toured the inside, while the rest of us wandered around the grounds with the dogs.

Day Two found the six of us (without the dogs) touring some of the local wineries.  Not too many dry reds here (short growing season), but some very nice whites and, of course, we had to try the local specialty, cherry wine.

One of the wineries, Black Star Farms, also makes a special raclette cheese, both aged and mild, right there at the winery.
Roger especially liked their Arcturos pinot noir rose, and we brought a bottle home.

They have an interesting "bunker" where they age their cheese and wine.

One of the very fun wineries was in Glen Arbor.  The Cherry Republic was a wonderland of all things cherry!  Cherry salsa, cherry barbecue sauce, TONS of free samples, candy, wine, etc. etc.  Pat and Audrey purchased some local cherry soda.  

Roger enjoyed the cherry hard cider, and I bought some barbecue sauce and salsa (after tasting the delicious samples). 

Another winery, Chateau Fontaine, had a very interesting wall inside the bathroom in addition to a  very nice 2009 Pinot Gris.  The wine pourer explained to us that it was the owner's "wine education":
(A whole wall of used corks!)

Day Three was a road trip to Traverse City, lunch (including cherry pie, of course), and shopping.

Day Four was a trip to a different nearby beach, this time without the dogs.  Another hot, hot day, but this time there was more of a breeze.  

We spent a lot of the time in the water, which was so clear and surprisingly cool (or cold, depending on who you ask) despite being so shallow we could wade waist deep 150 yards out.
The different shades of blue indicate the water depth, showing just how far out the shallow water goes.

Roger took a photo of his feet through the water, showing just how clear the water is here at Suttons Bay Beach.

We have two days left.  Not sure the agenda yet -- we're letting the other two couples decide on the activities, since we've already had a month in Michigan.  Tonight is my last night to cook (we each took two nights).  Tomorrow night we plan to eat out, on a quest for some local whitefish.

The pet photo of the day shows Chaplin during happy hour.  He's very content to hang out with the adults and stay out of the constant frenzy of activity surrounding Bandido and Sophie!

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Nancy and Bill said...

Life doesn't get much better than spending time with good friends!! Looks like you are having a great time.

My personal favorite food group is CHERRIES;o)) When we hit Oregon and Washington during cherry season, I think that was all I ate for 3 weeks!!!! I will have to get Bill to head to Michigan as well:o))))