Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TV Show Taping & Temecula

Roger here....  We thought it would be fun to go to a couple of show tapings while we were in the L.A. area.  Robyn jumped on the idea and helped us find what was available.  One of the shows available was America's Funniest Home Videos.  Since we do watch and enjoy that show, we signed up for free tickets. 

A couple of days before the taping, Dianne informed me that I would need to dress up.  To me (in my retirement) that means Khaki pants and a collared shirt.  That is not what Dianne had in mind.  After a few days of playful bickering, I agreed to wear my suit jacket over a dress shirt, but no tie.  Dianne agreed (but she really didn't).  Know how that goes?  The night before the taping she suggested that we watch one of our taped episodes.  While we watched, she subtly (or not so subtly) pointed out that many of the men were wearing ties.  I know her ways.  AND, I knew the ultimate outcome.  
So, the next morning, after taking the dogs for their morning walk, I dutifully put on a tie and wore the black suit that I used to wear to work and now only wear to weddings and funerals and TV show tapings.  

The taping was scheduled for 12:30 p.m.  However, we were told to arrive 90 minutes early, and also that we might want to arrive earlier than that.  As a concrete sequential (You don't want to see me catching a flight at an airport) I was pleased to arrive at 10:15 a.m., but chagrined and amazed to find that we ended up about half-way back in the line.  

We were not allowed to take any pictures of the experience, and actually signed an affidavit signifying that we would not reveal the results of the show or the taping procedures, but suffice it to say, it was a new experience and a LOT of fun.   

As audience members we truly felt as if we were a part of the show.  We were told that any of us could be on camera at any time, and encouraged to react to everything we saw.  (Dianne here:  Of course, as audience members we also participated in voting for the winning video.) 

  Tom Bergeron was hilarious, and made insightful contact with members of the audience.

Dianne here:  It may seem ridiculous to dress as though you are going to a wedding in order to watch videos of kids hitting their dads in the crotch with a wiffle bat, but if you watch the show you will notice how dressed up the audience members are.  They really stress that at this show, and gave specific instructions on the tickets.  

At the end of each taping, one male and one female win $250 cash (voted on by other audience members) for being best-dressed.  Guess who was one of five males up for the prize?  You guessed it --  Roger!  He was so embarrassed!  He had to go down front and stand with four other guys (all in their 20s) while the audience voted.  

Roger and I were probably the oldest people in the audience.  I assumed they'd hide us in the back behind a screen, but we actually ended up with pretty decent seats and a good view.
Roger didn't win the best-dressed prize, but he did win a T-shirt!  During each taping, the behind-the-scenes producers award T-shirts to audience members who have a good smile and "emote properly."  There were around 300 people in the audience, and only three shirts were given out.  Once again, Roger was singled out, much to his embarrassment.  I assume that means he might be visible when the show airs on January 23.  The T-shirt is nice; however, as you can see from the photo, both Roger and I would fit into it -- it is a 2XXL!  Back to Roger...

I guess Dianne was right (as usual) about the tie.

After the taping we dropped by Robyn's apartment for a short visit and ordered pizza.  Yum.  We don't have pizza that often any more (too many calories) so it was especially good.

Going back a couple days....  While we were hiking and climbing at Vasquez Rocks County Park, my brother, Dick, called.   Turns out he was going to be in San Diego for a day on business during the weekend, and had several hours of free time before his evening meeting on Sunday.  We decided to meet for a late lunch in Temecula, a trendy desert town located between the two cities.  

On the way, Dianne and I stopped by Jojoba Hills, an Escapee (RV) Co-op Park where we might try to stay in the future.  We wanted to see the park and ask questions about site availability, what to expect, etc.  Unfortunately, the gate was closed, as well as the office.  All we really know is that the entrance road is nicely landscaped.  Oh well, we'll give them a call.  It is probably a really nice place.

We know that Temecula -- especially Old Town Front Street -- is a really nice place.   There are  several blocks with wood-planked side-walks, trendy shops, lots of wine tasting (We did not participate -- we've reached our limit on that for a while :-)live music, and restaurants.  The town was decked out with Christmas decorations. Very festive.  There were even Victorian-garbed carolers strolling through town.

We met up with Dick and ate at Bailey's Front Street Bar and Grill.  The food was great, and we were so happy to see Dick.  We had lots of time to discuss memories, family and Purdue (also Gonzaga) basketball (We are both Purdue alums and our nephew, Matt, is a junior at Gonzaga).  The food was tasty.  I had a barbeque brisket sandwich and it was delicious (time to increase the exercise routine - pizza and brisket on consecutive days).  We are planning to visit Dick and his family at their new home in Mansfield, Ohio next August.

Here is a shot of a Christmas purchase from Temecula.  (Robyn -- you'll just have to wait and see what is in the bag.)
Whippet picture of the day...  "The Chaplin Stare."


Nancy and Bill said...

Best Dressed...we're impressed!

Best Smile...we knew that ;o)

Margie and Roger said...

When will men realize the wife knows best how they should dress. Roger's first wife would lay his clothes out each night for how he should dress for work the next morning. I told him to get over wouldn't happen with wife #2. After seeing some of the things he wears, no wonder she dressed him.

Karen and Al said...

You men just need to learn to listen to your wives because we're usually right! Love the Whippet picture of the day!

Laurie Ogle said...

Good clothing choices, Dianne. Roger, I'd think you'd have learned to follow what you know is right by now. Saw you on the show Sunday. Good timing on that taping since the show involved dogs. We were sorry to hear about Jasper. We had to put our dog down just before Christmas. There's an empty spot in each day.