Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Getty Museum, The Grove (Mall), and Christmas with Robyn


Roger here...  Our daughter Robyn was with us for most of our last three days in California.  On Thursday we made plans to spend a few hours at the Getty Museum, but before we could go, we helped Robyn with the last stages of cleaning her apartment in anticipation of the arrival of her new roommate, Amy (sp?), and her mother. 

Dianne took a couple pictures of the flowers in the gated courtyard and her huge lemon tree.  She then stole one of the lemons.  

The Getty Center is an amazing place, like no other museum we have visited, and it's free!  (Except for the $15 parking fee :-(.  After parking we needed to choose our mode of transportation to the top of the hill where the museum sat.  Our choices were a half-hour walk, or a comfy tram.  We chose the tram.  It really was chilly that day.  The views from the top of the hill and all the outdoor areas were amazing.  Our pictures do not do it justice.  We will need to return at another time (on a warm day)                              just to wander through the gardens.  We ate a quick lunch and then on to the exhibits.

I am not an art expert by any stretch of the imagination, but my favorite was the Iris painting by Van Gogh.

Christmas eve morning started with a beautiful sunrise over the water.   After the morning coffee, dog walks, etc., we picked up Robyn and headed to the mall.   I would normally groan at this point, but this mall (The Grove) was really fun.  

It is an outdoor mall that is adjacent to the Los Angeles Farmer's Market.  We started with a Starbucks and then wandered down the streets.  The Christmas displays were fun (glad not to be in the Santa line).  Dianne, with some urging from Robyn, had a great time modeling clothing that she would never wear. 

 Dianne here:  the only shopping I did was at the Three Dog Bakery:

There were even double-decker buses to shuttle shoppers from store to store.  We ended our mall-time by seeing a movie, The Little Fockers.  I love to laugh and this movie fit the bill.

  Robyn spent the night with us at the motor home on Christmas Eve.  Christmas day was a quiet day of watching the ocean and of course eating.  Robyn was busy with a project most of the time, which was great.  It reminded us of the many wonderful years we had with her.  (Dianne here:  It truly was just like when she lived at home; she always had a project of some type.)

The Whippet Picture(s) of the Day are a series of pictures portraying our three sons (including Big Chuck - the cat), enjoying the "presents" that Dianne bought for them at the Three Dog Bakery at the mall.  

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Nancy and Bill said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Enjoy your trip to Texas.

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