Thursday, October 7, 2010

California Here We Come!

Hi All, Dianne here.  This is a very short post, just to chronicle our trip from Arizona to California.  

The scenery was spectacular in northwest Arizona.  Since we've never been there before, it was all new to us.

On our layover night, I did a little "prep" work on some of our apples.  When we bought a half bushel of apples in New Mexico at Dixon Orchard, we forgot about the agricultural inspection stations at the California border!!

We started eating apples like crazy, but it soon became obvious that we'd never be able to make a dent in our sack before we crossed the California state line.  We looked on line, and, sure enough, it looked like they'd probably be confiscated!

Reading one of my favorite blogs, I saw that Linda ( had a similar dilemma with cucumbers she had bought in Canada before they crossed back into the U.S.  She made pickles!  I'm not that talented, but I do make a good apple pie, so I spent a whole evening (after we drove all day) making apple pie filling and putting it in our freezer.  

This left us with only a partial bag of apples.  Sure enough, the gal at the inspection station explained that since they were "home grown," she'd have to take them.  

Lucky for us, they weren't very busy at the time we went through, so she inspected each one and allowed us to keep 12 of the unblemished ones.  She was really very nice.  She also was glad to hear we were headed for Lone Pine for our first California home base, so we weren't going to be near the agricultural areas.  

The good news is that I now have apple pie filling in my freezer for about four pies!  Heads up to Robyn:  You will be having apple pie for Thanksgiving, and probably Christmas, too!!

Just a heads up for those of you who haven't crossed into California before (like us).  Eat up your produce before you get there!!!

Here's the whippet "picture of the day"  entitled "desert dog."  We had a large desert area to walk the "boys" outside Barstow at the KOA.  Large enough that Jasper was allowed off leash for a short time.

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