Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Patoka Lake Labor Day Weekend

Dianne here:  We're a little bit behind, because we were deep in the forest with no internet over Labor Day weekend.  We're already in Colorado, on our way to New Mexico.  First, though, Roger will update you on our Labor Day weekend at Patoka Lake.

Roger here....    Our last weekend in Indiana, and it was a good one!!!!!   We spent our last two days in the Hoosier state with our camping friends - Chuck & Cindy and Pat & Audrey. 

 The location was Patoka Lake State Park, where Chuck and Cindy managed to reserve the best three sites in the park -- secluded, and overlooking the lake from a wooded point.  Patoka Lake is the second largest reservoir in Indiana.  There are 400+ campsites at the state park, but from our spots it seemed as if we were the only people there.

The first full day was pontoon 
boat day (rental from the 
marina).  (Dianne here:  We paid $25 extra to reserve a "dog-friendly" boat.  The translation of that was, a boat no one else would want!  It was an ugly duckling, with shredded upholstery from dogs jumping off the back end.  The ugly-duckling boat didn't hamper our good time at all.)

  Sophie (lounging on the back of the seat)--

 -- and Jasper joined the humankind on the boat.   We left Chaplin in the motor home, because we knew he'd be scared on the boat.  Jasper was cold part of the time, but we kept him snug and warm, and he seemed to enjoy the ride.

Despite the chilly day (after a month of mid-nineties), Chuck and Cindy seem to be having a good time.

The same for Dianne and me.

As we neared the campground area, we docked the boat and enjoyed some of Chuck's "breakfast juice."  

The view on the isolated rocky beach was great.

  Later, Sophie enjoyed some cuddle time with Audrey and Cindy,

 while Captain Pat drank his breakfast juice from a special glass (measuring cup) after one of the plastic cups blew overboard.

(Dianne here:  I'm glad to report that after a full day on the water, the plastic cup was the only thing that went overboard; Chuck and Cindy both left the boat wearing their glasses, unlike our kayaking (mis)adventures.

Ed and Karen joined us mid-day on pontoon boat day, bringing lunch.  Evenings entailed snacks,  excellent dinners grilled in the open air, and campfires.  Audrey and Pat brought us a special wine bottle holder that sticks in the ground and includes separate wine glass holders.  Perfect for evenings by the campfire.

Speaking of campfires....  Dianne and CHUCK were up to their old tricks.  Previous tenants of the campsites had left a long, long partially burned log at our campsite (legal at this particular state park).  At some time during our last evening, a suspicious trail appeared in the dirt.  It looks like someone dragged the log to Chuck and Cindy's site.  Probably Chuck.  By the way....  the fire was great.

Two long, long driving days and we will finally be in the WEST!


Tom & Dianna said...

I've been following your blog for several months. You mentioned New Mexico and said you're heading to Taos. We have spent the last 3 weeks at Weathers RV Park in Eagle Nest, NM which is just over the mountain from Taos. We go to Taos for groceries and Wal-mart shopping. How long will you be in Taos? Tom and Dianna Persinger,

Margie and Roger said...

Great to read that you're already out West! Nice final weekend with friends. Jasper looked like he was having a good time too. Love the wine bottle and glasses holders, cool!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Tom and Dianna... We will be near Taos for three nights before going to a site near the Ghost Ranch. We sent you a message at your email address.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so what sites did you have. We have stayed here once and it's been so long, we don't remember which sites are the best.

Travelwithwhippets said...

Our group had sites 199, 200, and 201. I think 201 would be the best of those three. HOWEVER, if it is rainy or wet, there would be a lot of mud in any of those three sites. Our satellite did not work there, and also no cell coverage.
If we go back, we would probably opt for a site between 315 and 305, simply because there's more grass and open for satellite. If you want trees, though, and privacy, the sites 199-201 were GREAT!