Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abiquiu Reservoir - Down Time

Roger here...  We are only sixty miles from Taos, but a world away.  We were very busy tourists in Taos - so much to see and do.  Here at the Abiquiu Reservoir (Army Corps of Engineers) we have slowed down a bit and are enjoying the magnificent view in this isolated spot in Northern New Mexico.  Our stay here will be for nine days.

Our site overlooks a huge reservoir that is surrounded by low mountains of every color imaginable (red, white, purple, green, yellow, orange, black).  Our photos really do not do justice to the scenery.  Two mesas dominate one side of the lake.  My favorite is the massive Perdinale Mountain.  This always dark mountain provides a bold contrast to the bright blue sky.  The campground sits on a bluff above the lake.  We took an exploratory hike around the campground on our second day here and found some cool spots near the lake.

Did I mention that we have slowed down?  Dianne is still recovering from her hike to Williams Lake.  She hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days.  Either the altitude is causing her lethargy or she has some kind of bug.  She seems to be getting better. (Dianne here:  With a view like this, resting up is not too bad of a deal!)

 We are holding off on a hike at the nearby Ghost Ranch and a kayaking trip on the lake until she is well rested and feeling better.  I have taken a few spins around the extensive campground on my bike, but I have to admit that the hills put a damper on extensive biking here.  I am either flying down a hill or struggling in first gear to climb one.

The sunsets here are spectacular.  

More later.

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Randwick said...

I was looking for photos of Abiquiu lake and found your site. Back in 1997 I spent a lot of time boating, skiing, and camping around there and ended up buying a couple acres a little northeast of the Abiquiu Inn. Now its been 10 years since I was down there and the last time the big drought had dropped water levels in the lake by over 30 feet. I've been wondering how it recovered and by the look of your pics it seems almost full again. I camped at the Riana campground and have some stunning pics from when we were able to boat across and all the way to the western terminus of the lake, several miles west of the main lake body right by the camp. I know how beautiful, vast, and still that is and the sunrises and sunsets are so grand. I am enjoying it through your eyes.

Randy in Illinois