Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(Past) Time to Move on, But We're Stuck...

Hi all -- Dianne here.  Well, we've been reduced to this:  Writing about cleaning hair brushes and air conditioning ducts!!  Seriously, all the chores on our lengthy "to-do" list for this summer are done.  Our furniture is gone.  The little house is clean and ready (pretty much).  Now we're just waiting for the closing to be scheduled.  

To make matters worse, it's been so hot and humid here, like much of the U.S., that riding our new bikes, geocaching, hiking, all the things we enjoy doing are just not so appealing when the heat index is over 100 degrees.  Let's just say the novelty has worn off of watching the corn grow across the street!!

By now we're looking for chores to do, and have gotten several things done that we didn't really expect to get around to.  For instance, I put another coat of white paint on my little drying rack that travels with us.

  Yesterday I did indeed gather up all our hairbrushes, makeup brushes, etc. and gave them a good soak and scrub.  Today I did indeed take down the ceiling return air filters and gave them a good soak and scrub.  (It's amazing how fast those get dirty, especially with both air conditioners cranking it out like they've had to do this summer).

Roger and I have stepped up our exercise program. We are doing our power walk video every day to try to get back into the shape we were in when we arrived here in May.  The empty house is a good place for the workout, especially with the fan trained on us and the air conditioning on.

To say we are bored would be an understatement!  We are s-o-o-o ready to hit the road again!  But,  we can park here for free with 50 amp electricity, in the shade, so there is no point in going to a campground. 

Yesterday Roger and I took the short drive to Fishers, Indianapolis, and Carmel, Indiana.  In Fishers we made a stop at Motion Cycling & Fitness, the bicycle shop where we had purchased our Townies this summer.  We bought helmets, water bottle holders, and a storage pouch for Roger's bike.  Roger had fun getting his bike all "tricked out" with new stuff.

My bike is now tricked out, too.  Here's a shot with the basket and flower on, new water bottle holder, and new helmet.  If it ever cools down, I might actually ride it!

From there, we drove to Gander Mountain in northeast Indianapolis with some serious shopping in mind.  We decided at Turkey Run that our h-e-a-v-y recliners that have served us well for two plus years have seen too much sunlight and weren't looking so good.  We also decided that the heavy folding table we've been lugging around the U.S. was too heavy and hard to get to when we need it.  Gander Mountain had perfect replacements for all three; aluminum, lightweight, and the table has a roll top so it stores in a small, easy-to-stash bag.   Roger thinks we've dropped about 50 pounds by replacing our old items.

Here's a shot of Roger in one of the new recliners.  You know he's bored when he is actually reading an owner's manual!!

After our (expensive) shopping spree we topped our day out by using the last of Roger's retirement gift cards at Ruth's Chris steak house in Carmel.  Wow, prime beef filet mignon -- it doesn't get much better than that.  Gift cards are a wonderful thing!  That meal sure took the sting out of being stuck in Indiana for a while!


Nancy and Bill said...

You guys rock!! Bike Helmets and Powerwalk every day!! Now that's what we call "Just Showin' Up!"

Hope it cools down soon you can get out on those bikes with your NEW helmets.

Take care and stay cool.....

Travelwithwhippets said...

Nancy and Bill, it was your blog that urged us to get the helmets. Thanks! I'm amazed at how lightweight and cool they are.

Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you both have a case of "hitch itch". It doesn't take too long of being in one place before that itch gets serious. I'm curious - why stay for the closing? Weren't we both at the Gypsy Journal Rally for both our closings last year?

Travelwithwhippets said...

Margie, yes, we did leave before the closing on our main house. This time, we didn't expect to sell this little house so quickly. We want to have the money "in hand" from this closing to get them started on the interior of our coach house in Texas.