Thursday, August 26, 2010

Butterflies Are Free - And So Are We!

Roger here....  Our daughter,  Robyn,  had the lead role in a university production of Butterflies are Free several years ago - a good memory, BUT this post is not about the play or our older daughter.  This is about US - Dianne and me.  The closing on the house that our younger daughter and granddaughter (now in Florida) lived in was Tuesday, so we are now free again to "roam about the country"!

We have been in Pendleton, Indiana (one of the best small towns in the country) since  early May, getting the little house in sellable condition - new flooring, new paint, new ceiling, new wall texture, etc., etc., etc.  After we put the house on the market (by owner), it sold in two days - unheard of for the two of us.  The inspection resulted in a new roof -- ouch -- but not unexpected.  After the roof, all we had to do was wait for the closing.  So, we did a few more things to improve the house for the buyer (an elementary teacher who we really like) and waited.  Several weeks passed, but all turned out well.

Dianne did her usual super-cleaning (sterilization, actually) of all visible surfaces.  We included a few pics of the shiny house.  We also included a picture of the empty garage that was my responsibility to clean - the only thing I was allowed to clean.  It is so clean that if you squirt a hose on it, it will suds.

All the cleaning was done before the closing, so Dianne was able to spend some down time under the RV awning.  Those of you who know Dianne know that she is happy doing this for a couple days before she needs to do something productive.  The last couple of days with not much to do were tense, but it is OVER.  

We are now at Prophetstown State Park,  just outside West Lafayette, Indiana, which has, in our opinion, the nicest state park campground in Indiana.  It is truly beautiful.  All of the butterfly pictures were taken here.  We would have taken more, but even though they are pervasive, they flit away so quickly.  More about the ten days we will be spending at Prophetstown soon..... maybe tomorrow?

For now, we are free to wander aimlessly around the country, just like the snail in the picture.

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-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Congratulations!!! All that hard work paid off. Now you can prop your feet up anywhere you want to go...yep, this is the life!