Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, Kerrville, Texas

Hi everyone. Roger here....

We are in Mission, Texas now on the Rio Grande River, but we still have a couple of posts to do from our time in the Texas Hill Country. We were so busy doing things that we did not have much time to write the blogs. (Dianne here: I'll be chiming in on this one, too, so the blue comments will be mine. We are posting two posts today in order to get caught up. Be sure to scroll down after reading this one to read about our fun day in Llano and the meal we had at the famous Cooper's BBQ restaurant there).

Today's blog is about the Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville,

TX and - our home for nine nights, including Christmas and New Year's Eve. The resort was one of the nicest -- maybe the nicest -- private RV parks that we have stayed in.

Our first views were of a working windmill,

and a red barn (activity center) with a green John Deere Tractor in front, seemed like we were back home in Indiana. When we checked in at the yellow,

upscale, general store we discovered that we could arrange to have the RV washed and waxed, for a price, which we did.

(Dianne here -- doesn't the RV look great??)

The RV appreciated the washing away of three months' worth of Kansas dust, and the Indiana dust under that. We also signed up for a propane delivery directly to the site. Nothing but hassle-free convenience here.

When we parked at our pull-in site, we were very happy with the great view out the front windshield. Our concrete pad and patio was located above a small river (crystal clear water). Across the river our view was of a waterfall that tumbled into the river and a bridge that led to upscale RV homes.

Buckhorn Lake has wonderful facilities that included two pools, two spas, and an exercise center. There is also a cool outdoor

entertainment area that they use for outdoor happy hours and meet-and-greets, weather permitting. There were lots of other scheduled activities, as well. Dianne took advantage of aerobics with the ladies three times per week.

Our daily, three-mile walks to the end of Goat Creek

Road that we already blogged about were beautiful.

We passed cattle -- which Chaplin especially enjoyed --

horses, ranch entrances, small streams, and lots of cactus.

(Dianne again: Check out the barbed-wire wreath, complete with cowboy boots which hung at the entrance to one of the ranches on our walking route.)

On our last walk we spent about fifteen minutes talking to a friendly resident (everyone in this area is friendly) about our dogs and about his dogs (an intimidating bull mastiff and a rottweiler). He explained how he had rescued his dogs.

They were beautiful dogs, but we were very happy they were behind the fence. If they had gotten loose, our dogs would have been lunch.

New Year's Eve was our last night at Buckhorn Lake. We attended the gala New Year's Eve party in the red barn and sat with our new friends, Gene and Kathi (from Georgia),

and Spike and Linda (from Florida). (Dianne again: We had met Gene and Kathi on our bus tour of the Christmas lights in Johnson City. Kathi was also a "regular" at the aerobics workouts. They introduced us to Spike and Linda, and the six of us enjoyed a fun New Year's Eve, as you can tell from our happy faces!)

We had a great meal: stuffed cornish game hen, long-grain & wild rice, broccoli, and a most decadent chocolate dessert - unbelievably rich. (Linda remarked that the dessert had so much chocolate in it, it would probably keep her awake. She must be wired like I am, because the dessert DID, in fact, keep ME awake most of the night!)

There was a live band. Lots of people danced. The evening ended with an impressive fireworks

display. (Spike and Linda had recently come to this resort from the one we are headed to in Mission, TX. We got really excited about our winter stay there after talking with them about their visit. It's fun to compare notes with people sharing this lifestyle; we always come away with more places to go and things to do.)

It was a great end to our time in what is now one of our very favorite places!

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Margie and Roger said...

Very nice resort - will have to remember that one when we head west. Your MH looks terrific - we had ours done in TN for $7/foot, just an FYI.