Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking Away!

Roger here...

Some of you may remember the movie, "Breaking Away," that was filmed in and around Indiana University many years ago. It was one of those uplifting movies
about an underdog "townie" bicyclist who joined some of his friends to defeat the fraternity teams and win the "Little 500" bicycle race, an annual event at IU.
It has always been one of Dianne's favorite movies, so it is an appropriate reference for our recent twelve-mile bike ride on the local bike path.

Those of you who know Dianne may know that she is not particularly fond of bike riding. In fact, due to what she terms a balance problem, she is somewhat afraid of the activity. The start of this adventure proved to reconfirm her fears - complaints that her feet were not close enough to the ground, fear of starting, fear of stopping, worries about running into other cyclists, fear of rocks on the path,
yadda - yadda - yadda. HOWEVER, the uneasiness quickly passed, and by the half-way point of our excursion,
she demonstrated a new-found confidence by insisting on taking the lead and (yes) "breaking away."

on the patio was the activity of choice when we returned, as we enjoyed watching the Texas moon between the motor home and the palm trees.

Dianne took a shot of the "boys" relaxing on the couch; what they do best.

Before dinner, I decided to re-hang our Colts banner (getting ready for the Super Bowl) and, because Purdue is again looking like a top-ten team (after a disappointing three-game slump), added the Purdue flag to the shrine.

The night-time shot was taken outside the motor home - little doubt from our neighbors about our loyalties.

I think the reflection shot of the Colts banner through the mirror with our Texas wines in the foreground is kind of cool. To quote my good friend, Jay, "it pleases me."

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Margie and Roger said...

Ha! I just always assumed that Diane was really into bike riding. Guess not, but maybe her "breaking away" adventure has helped her overcome her fears for future rides too.