Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lake Weekend

Roger here...  Dianne and I, and the whippets, spent last weekend in a familiar and very comfortable setting. 
 We visited Jay and Nancy (friends since college) at their lake home on Lake Cordry in northern Brown County, Indiana.  (Dianne here:  this photo shows the four of us having a traditional  mimosa on Sunday morning)

We have spent weekends at the lake with Jay and Nancy many times over the years. 

 During those visits we watched their son and daughter grow up.  Since their lake home was only a few twisting and curving miles from our campsite at Brown County State Park, it was simple for us to spend most of Saturday and Sunday with them.

Just a little background:  Jay was a fraternity brother of mine at Purdue.  He and Nancy introduced me to Dianne on a blind date during our junior year.  We were in each other's weddings during the summer of 1972.  We have remained close friends ever since.  (Dianne again:  those of you who follow our  blogs might remember our visit to Jay & Nancy's beach-front condo in Naples, Florida last winter.)

Weekends at the lake are always easy and comfortable. 

 We enjoy watching activity on the lake while lounging on the decks, going out in the boat, hiking along the lake road, swimming in the lake on floats, and eating and eating and eating.  Always lots of great food.  

On this visit it was great spending time with Jay and Nancy's son, Quinn, his wife, Shelly, their two sons, Will and Alex, and their dog, Bonzi.  It was particularly fun watching Will play in the lake under everyone's watchful eyes.  It was very gratifying to listen to Will frequently scold Jay, "Don't do that,

 Poppy!"  Bonzi and our "boys" got along well, lots of sniffing and tail wagging.  However, Bonzi, who is afraid of the water, was a little confused when Jasper plunged into the lake to pursue his favorite activity - swimming (of a sort), splashing, drinking the splashed lake water, and then peeing three gallons.  (Dianne again -- I insist that Jasper wear a life jacket

 because whippets are NOT built for swimming, and he doesn't know his own capabilities!  The others give me endless grief for my overprotectiveness).

A highlight of this particular visit was viewing the great fireworks that Lakes Cordry and Sweetwater sponsor, always on the weekend AFTER the 4th of July.  Many of the residents steer their boats to the center of the lake to watch the spectacle.  We had ringside seats on Jay & Nancy's deck. 

 Top-notch fireworks that everyone enjoyed.

We parted ways during the early evening on Sunday, but we know that we will see each other many times during the weeks that we spend in central Indiana.

Monday morning we moved back to Summit Lake State Park for a ten-day stay.  We are near our daughter, Amanda, and granddaughter, Kaia and, of course, near the house and yard that we are keeping in prime condition for potential buyers.  We are also using this time to organize the sale of the furniture inside the house and all the other possessions on the property.  Even though the house has not sold, we need to take care of this task before we leave Indiana in the fall.  (It would not be fun to drive back to Indy in the cold to sell our remaining "stuff.")

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