Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Guest Blog by Kaia

Sup! It's Kaia, and i had a super fun cool time with my grandparents.

SATURDAY: I arrived at brown county
it rained all day so i really didn't do much but we did play uno and i watched tv.

SUNDAY: Pop pop and i went to Nashville, IN and i got fudge, and candy. I also rode my bicycle around the campround.

MONDAY: We all went to the lake and i jumped in and Jasper

went hysterical because he thought i would drowned. Then Chaplin, well, he doesn't like the water but he fell backwards and into the water. Before that Jasper jumped in after me.

I made meamaw get in. She said quote "It's too cold!!!" We had a deal every time i jumped in she took one step.

Pop pop took pictures of me jumping

in the water in case you don't believe me.

(Ha ha ha!) There were boards and there were even this thing that you could put a drink in

and relax. I saw fish in the lake but none came near me.

Well i guess thats all i have to say so remember, recycle, help the environment, make sure travel with whippets is your website, wait for a new topic. Until then, peace!

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