Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Chattanooga Fun + Trip North

Hi all - Dianne here.     I walked around the campground on our final day at Chester Frost Park to photograph a few of my favorite things.

 There are some beautiful trees and plantings in the park, and Hamilton County, TN is meticulous in caring for them.

On Tuesday evening, we hosted Beth and Russ for dinner at our camp site. They fed us three nights in a row while we were in Chattanooga, so I still owe them a few meals to make up for their wonderful hospitality!   

On Tuesday, we had an enjoyable evening chatting outside, eating, and even a quick campfire before we said good-bye for now.  

The good thing about full-timing, is that we can visit relatives wherever they might live around the U.S.

 Just know that if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, our visits would have to be in the spring/summer/fall! No more worries about frozen water lines for us.

Wednesday morning we left Chattanooga and had an uneventful drive north.  We made it all the way to Southern Indiana before we felt the need to stop.  We spent Wednesday night at a charming rural campground called "Little Farm on the River" outside Rising Sun, Indiana.   It is very close to the Ohio River, and also close to a casino, if you are into that sort of thing (we're not). 

We can tell that we're back in Indiana, for our view out the front windshield is a bucolic setting of rolling hills, fields, an old barn, and a new pole barn built right next to it! (As lovely as old barns are, real farmers are a practical lot.)

Tomorrow we make our way to Anderson, Indiana for a few days' stay at Mounds State Park while we drive to our house and do some much-overdue yard work. We will still try to update our blog while we're home, but I know we'll be pretty busy for a while. 

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