Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disney Adventure, by Guest Writer Kaia

Hi! It's Kaia! I just went to Epcot that has different cultures like China, Japan, Germany, Canada, and many more! There was also a huge golf ball in the middle of Epcot. I went with my mom (Amanda Norris) inside the golf ball. It shows you how the humans advanced through time. First, you got inside and get in a car that goes and takes you through a time machine that you create! Then, look fast!
The time machine takes your picture but you might miss the picture if you don't look at the camera. The reason why they take your picture is for something later. It shows how people made math and then, show the earth at the end. Now the picture that it took of you makes a character with your face. There is a screen that you see and it asked you some questions about how you want your future. Then it creates your future!
Then, my mom and I went to China. (Not really.) When we went to a chinese store, my mom saw earrings and a necklace. Then, my mom and I went to the mexican store. And then we had to go home.

The next day, we went to Animal Kingdom. We went to go on a ride called:Everest. In part of the ride you go up backwards! I didn't know it was that much fun. Then my grandma (Dianne Norris) did not feel good so, we went to Rainforest Cafe. It looked like you were really in the rainforest! It had robot gorillas and snakes.
Every 10 min. there would be a pretend thunder storm! The day after that, I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The only to rides there were Rock n' Roller Coster and Tower of Terror! I would not like to go on the Tower of Terror or Rock n' Roller coster. Then, that night was our last night we were not so thrilled about it but we finally saw the fire works. When the fireworks were over we went home. And now today I have to leave beautiful Florida. I guess I have to leave but i have enjoyed writing for you so maybe I'll be a guest writer again. Keep going on to My story is over now so here is more Dianne and Roger. Bye guys!

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