Monday, August 24, 2015

Indy/Chicago --- week two

Breakfast in Chicago --- Dianne, our daughter Robyn, and me.*

*Thanks to our friend Nancy who took this awesome photo of us!  -- D.

Roger here....  Ready to read about our last ten days in Indy?  

Roger, Dianne, Jay
The second week began with a full-day trip to see our friends Jay and Nancy at their new lake house on Grandview Lake near Columbus, Indiana.  The shadows in this picture hint of a series of disappointingly dark pictures.  We will do better on our next visit.

This (dark) picture gives a clue of the great outdoor living area next to the lake.  No pictures of the inside, but this renovated home is amazingly suited for an extended family of kids and grandkids.

Nice view, and wonderful shade! Good for me.

Let's look at some   brighter pictures:

Nice sandy beach and lake view

Nancy, Bandido's butt, Captain Jay, Roger
A pontoon boat ride around the lake was so relaxing.

Bandido (and his orange ball) enjoyed a dip in the lake after the cruise.

I had a great time learning to keep my balance on a paddle board.  There were a few spills initially, but Bandido plunged into the water to rescue me.  It was so endearing to see those brown eyes swimming toward me to make sure I was OK.  (There was NO holding Bandido back from "saving" his dad -- D.)

Time to go on another diet.  Need to swim more laps in the pool at Retama (and eat better again).

Later in the week we joined Jay and Nancy for dinner in Pendleton. We started at the Wine Bar for an appetizer and wine (so much for the diet).  We then walked down the street to a new restaurant (a GOOD one), Madison's.  Fine dining has arrived in Pendleton, Indiana.

We passed through the main dining area and the cool looking bar to eat outside in the alley.  

Jay, Roger, Dianne

We move inside after the mosquitos made themselves known, to enjoy the special of the day --- trout (the best I have ever had).

After a day of rest, we boarded the dogs* and made a second trip to Old Town in Chicago, this time with Jay and Nancy.  

*(This trip we boarded Bandido and Tequila at an awesome facility in Noblesville, Indiana, Dog Dayz.  I highly recommend it if you need a facility on the northeast side of Indianapolis)
Honest Abe (behind the bed)
Our hotel was the Hotel Lincoln, across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo.  

We arrived during the annual Air and Water Show.  Traffic was heavy, but the aerial show that we were able to glimpse was fun.  

This is a renovated boutique hotel in a perfect location for the activities we wished to pursue in Chicago.  Dianne and I were on the second story with a view of the outdoor restaurant below and Lincoln Park across the street.  However the hotel was not the purpose of our visit.  Please forgive me:  

We returned to Chicago to see our daughter's show at Second City for a second time.  The line (on a Sunday) waiting for admittance indicated another full house.  We were treated as honored guests with free food, drinks and very attentive service.  Wow what fun, and what a truly special time.

Posing before the show

Just before Robyn and the other performers took the stage

After the show, we celebrated with a bottle of champagne (that Jay and Nancy bought) on the rooftop of the Hotel Lincoln.  Surreal.

Robyn, Dianne, Nancy, Jay

One of my favorite pictures of our talented, bright, and caring daughter.

The next morning Robyn joined us at the Hotel Lincoln for breakfast (opening picture) and filled us in on the possible expansion of her show.  Then, sadly, it was time to part; she left to meet a friend, and the rest of us checked out of the hotel.

We drove (or I should say, Jay drove) downtown to Ohio Avenue so that we could spend some time in Eataly (New York and Chicago) --- an Italian food and wine extravaganza.  Dianne and I did some financial damage to our portfolio before we left.

The four of us agreed that this was the most extensive offering of Italian wines that we had ever seen.  We restrained ourselves and only bought three bottles.

Dianne's choice -- Dark Chocolate and Coconut Gelatos
We could not leave without a cup of gelato.  Another hit to my diet!

The next post will be from Dayton, Ohio where Dianne is still searching for the parents of my third great-grandfather, George Norris.  Was he an alien?  Maybe we will find out.

The pet pictures of the day show our doggies on the pontoon boat at Grandview Lake.

"Let me off the boat!  I don't like this!"

Get a grip Bandido!  This is fun!

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Nancy and Bill said...

You two have had the best summer:o)) So many friends to visit and another chance to spend time with your daughter and be proud Mom and Dad!!!