Thursday, July 16, 2015

South Haven MI --- one of Dianne's best days ever :-)

Roger here....  Bandido, Tequila and I have all had a great time here in South Haven.  So has Dianne. But we wanted her to have a special day that was specifically designed just for her.  

If you have seen the movie, The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, you are familiar with the misadventures of Lucy and Desi as they travelled around the country in their long, long trailer.  Dianne and I both freely admit that this particular movie does resemble our retirement lives.  Somewhat.

In one of the memorable scenes from the movie, Lucy found several jars of canned piccalilli in one of the towns they were traveling through.  I am pretty sure she bought a case of them.  When Desi complained, she quipped that you have to buy these things when they are in season, and then went on to talk about the great meals she could prepare with fresh and natural ingredients.  GUESS WHAT?  Blueberries are in season in southwest Michigan. 

Dianne was looking forward to seeking out fresh Michigan fruit, so we made a day of it.  The fruit stands were not only filled with blueberries, but also veggies, baked goods, salad dressings, spices, juices,  jellies, preserves, salsa.  Dianne was destined to have a field day. 

We spent the day traveling to and visiting four different fruit stands:  Stephenson's Farms (where we opted out of picking the blueberries ourselves),  DeGrandchamp Farms,....

Who is that guy with the bald spot and when did that happen?
.... Dutch Farm Market, and Phoenix Farm Market.  Dianne bought blueberries at each of them.  They are in season.  Dianne is planning to freeze most of them (already knows how) and use them later.  (Just like Lucy)

We now have an ample supply of corn on the cob, concentrated cherry juice, cinnamon sticks, salad dressings, tomatoes (for me), peaches, lettuce (for me), hot blueberry salsa, cherry preserves (for Dianne) (Not easy to find and my favorite, so I bought two big jars of it -- and where better to buy it than cherry land in Michigan??  --Dianne), black bean salsa, blt dip mix (whatever that is), honey, blueberry blossom honey, cherry tomatoes, homemade English toasting bread, and blueberries.   LOTS AND LOTS OF BLUEBERRIES.  They are in season, after all.

Lucy would be so proud.

What he doesn't mention is that we both eat blueberries every morning with yogurt for breakfast....  --D.

We topped off Dianne's day with a return visit to Sherman's Dairy Bar for some more ice cream.

Chocomania for me.  Coconut almond fudge in a chocolate dipped waffle cone for Dianne.
The pet picture of the day shows Bandido at Sunny Brook RV Resort in "ready mode" for retrieving his precious blue ball.

Next stop --- Indiana Amish Land

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Bill and Nancy said...

Way to go Diane.... That's MY kind of day!!! Yep...they are IN SEASON;o))