Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beach Time!

Roger here... We had not "exercised" our motor home for months.  It was time to crank up the engine and get away for a few days.  Where to go?  Where to go?  

Retama Village friends Greg and Barb were spending a week at South Padre Island and invited us to meet them for the weekend.  Alrighty then!

The short 60+ mile drive to South Padre was a non-event (that means good news, for those of you who are not rvers).

After we set up our campsite, I was taking a few pictures and found Greg enjoying a beverage next door.  Time for me to have some of that relaxing time.
 We were able to get a spot adjacent to Greg and Barb's at the Isla Blanca County Park on the south side of the island.  Dianne took a picture of us at happy hour time.  Barb fixed a tasty burrito casserole for us as well as delicious margaritas.  I consumed one (or two too many of the margaritas).  The last thing I remember well was Greg saying, "Refill, please."  What happens at South Padre, stays at South Padre.

Suffice it to say that the patron saint of the island was not pleased with my inability to maintain sure-footedness on the wet sand on the beach.

Dianne and I started our days walking with the dogs on the beach.  

A long way into one of the walks, while the dogs were have a great time frolicking in the surf, Dianne noticed a rainbow in the dark clouds to the west.  Uh Oh!  We were about a mile from our motor home.  

Needless to say, we were drenched by a sudden downpour.  Luckily there was no lightning and it was warm.  Kinda fun, really, after we got used to it.

I was truly comfortable walking in the warm, heavy rain;  however, Bandido had other opinions.  We were all relieved (for his sake) when the rains ended after about 15 minutes.  Our brave protector is easily distressed by rain, lightning and fireworks.

Dianne and I decided that this was the ideal time for our first selfie.  After all, we were drenched with water so anyone would forgive our appearance.

Almost back, but Tequila has had enough, and refuses to budge.  We gotta get this girl back into shape.

After a morning walk, Greg and Barb took us on a tour of the island. Our first stop was at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center.  Most of the turtles are rehabilitated to return to the sea.  Others, like this fella who is missing a fin, find a permanent home here.

The star of the show is Gerry --- formerly Geraldine (until he grew up and the biologists discovered he was a male).  Gerry has traveled around the country and has appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  He cannot be released back into the sea because he is so accustomed to people and to his daily feedings.  But where is he?

Oh, there he is!  What a ham.  He does seem to enjoy showing off for the people at his window.  Say hello to this gentle giant.

The second stop on the tour was actually a drive-by.  Driving north past the resorts, restaurants and condos --- the road wages a battle with the encroaching dunes.  Kind of reminds me of snow drifts that need to be plowed.  We need to head back south!

Our next stop was at Clayton's, the biggest beach bar in Texas.  If it is the biggest in Texas, it has to be big.   Notice... While I stand on tip toes and Greg slouches, he still towers over me.  I need to get me some of those elevator shoes like I had in the 70s.

We had a great lunch here... fish tacos and grilled fish salad along with a shipwreck for Dianne and a lemonade for me. 

The sand sculptures on the beach below Clayton's remained from a festival from the previous week.  They were amazing.  Timing is everything.  It was so pleasant to be able to see them without the crowds.

Here are a few of the best....

Greg and Barb took us shopping on the second day.... swim suits, beach mats, and beach towels.

Sunday evening found us at Pier 19, where we all had coconut shrimp, preceded by the the sweetest pina coladas in existence.  My blood sugar is still off the chart :-).  

Dolphins were frolicking in the waters near our table, but it was too dark for pictures.  It was not too dark to get a picture of this pirate ship that fired its cannons next to the pier:

After dinner we strolled to the end of the pier to enjoy the island lights.  

Dianne found a new friend.  Look at her eyes.  Can you tell that I made her do this?

Monday morning meant that it was time to head back to Retama Village, but not before I share a couple of pictures of the jaw-dropping sunsets from the island.

The pet picture of the day depicts Bandido playing with his new floating orange ball on the beach.  He really does love the water.

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Bill and Nancy said...

Great weekend and BEAUTIFUL beach!! Love the Sand Sculptures:o))