Monday, November 4, 2013

Points Southwest - a Dogs' (and Cat's Story)

Bandido, Tequila, and Big Chuck here...  

Big Chuck:  Ever since mom and dad picked up the changed motor home, it has been difficult to find a soft place to rest my weary feline bones.  As you can see, I am forced to share my soft pet bed with smelly Tequila, now that the couch is gone.  And, now it looks like Bandido is planning to push us both out.

Bandido:  You bet I am.  I need some place, other than the entire bed, to relax.  

Tequila:  Hey Chuck!  I am not smelly.  I just spent a week in a spa, got a brush and a bath, AND a pedicure.  I am a dainty little girl.  But, I do understand about the lack of lounging places in our house.  

Bandido:  I have another issue, actually TWO other issues:  1), after my buddies Sophie and Ranger left us at Clifty Falls, a storm shook the motor home.  I am terrified of storms, but at least there was not any thunder.   2), I am sick and tired of mom and dad driving the motor home to places where we have no place to run, chase balls, and wrestle.

Tequila:  Yeah,  we spent our first night in Central City, Kentucky (whereever that is).   Was there a dog park?  NOOOOOO!

Big Chuck:  Then mom and dad groaned about the Hughes Net modem transmission line not working.  Big deal!  So much drama!  What is that anyway?  They both seemed so upset about not getting internet.  They need to get a life and get the smelly dogs some place to relax, away from me!

Bandido here:  That's right, Big Chuck, except for the smelly dog stuff.  I got a treatment at the spa, too, and at the risk of questioning my masculinity, I feel fabulous.  Anyway, mom and dad said they needed to go a few miles out of the way to a place called Paducah where they could find a Verizon store to buy a FiOS internet hot spot.  The good news is that they found one and it seems to be working.  AND, the campground in Paducah (Duck Creek RV Park) had a HUGE dog park where I could chase my blue ball.  

Tequila here:  That's right, Bandido.  We got to spend a couple days at a great place. I love stealing your blue ball from you.  

Big Chuck here:  AND even better news, mom and dad found two comfy beds for you dogs, so I can have my private life back.

Big Chuck:  Hey Bandido, you just enjoy your comfy bed next to dad with your blue ball.  I am headed to the bedroom for some kitty peace and quiet.

Bandido:  Dad drove our motor home to a place called West Memphis today.  Is that in Egypt?  Dad says we are at the Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River in Arkansas.  They are planning to walk up and down Beale Street in Memphis, TN tomorrow.

Tequila:  Oh, great!  Does that mean we will be alone for a few hours tomorrow?   I am ok with that (especially when they leave us with treats), but I know how you (Bandido) hate it.

Big Chuck:  Mom seems to think that she has the best view of the barges on the Mississippi River from her new recliner.  It looks to me as if the smelly canines have a better view.

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Greg Jones said...

We have been to Tom Sawyer campground. love it. Safe travels