Monday, October 21, 2013

Homeless and Lost in Indiana

A - house, deck, pav 

Roger here…. Since the last post, we dropped off our motor home at Bradd & Hall in Elkhart for the interior remodeling.  Before the drop-off, Dianne spent some time cleaning the chair that will be trashed.  We don’t want a dirty rv chair in the Elkhart dump Smile.
A - dianne cleaning chairWe have not had internet access for a few days, so we were unable to post.  I am doing this one on Live Writer, but will not be able to publish it until we find a place to connect to the internet. 
We are now officially homeless, but we are a long way from suffering.  It took quite a bit of time and effort to cram everything we would need for two weeks into our Toyota.  We did manage to find space for the dogs, the cat, and Dianne.

A - car full

We have spent the past week at our friends’ (Jay and Nancy), cottage on Lake Cordry in southern Indiana.  As you can see from the opening photo, we landed in a beautiful place.

A - steps to top
The newly renovated terraced decking to the lake looks like something from an architectural magazine.  It is every bit as nice as it looks.

A - decks, house, dogs 

The weather has alternated between traditional Indiana October weather in the 60s and days of chilly rain.  During the sunny days, the covered pavilion has been a great place (protected from the falling acorns) to read, gaze at the lake, and enjoy happy hours.

A - pav, roger

Bandido and Tequila love it here, too.  So much for them to see.  Plenty of squirrels to keep their attention. Lots of steps to run up and down. 

A - dogs boathouse 

Both dogs have been able to wade in the crystal clear water for a bit during the warmer days, but they don’t linger. 

A - Bandido lake

Every day (except for a couple of rain-days) we take the dogs on a walk down the road and across the picturesque dam. 

A - dam walk 

It has been five years since we have gotten to see the leaves change colors, something I miss.  (I don’t miss the snow, though.)  (OR raking the pretty leaves after they fall – D.)

A - trees fall colors
A - red tree close

This is a very serene place, especially at this time of the year when the skiers and pontoon boaters have retired for the summer.  The reflections in the water are a mirror to the sky above.  The floating leaves are a reminder that winter is around the corner, and that we need to head south soon.

A - lake twilight
A - leaves in lake close 

Twilight on the lake is a special time as the blue sky and blue waters morph into gold.

A - golden lake, reflection, 
A - lake, sunset, twilight

Most nights we are privileged to watch families of ducks swimming in the distance in the golden water.

A - golden lake, 2 ducks 

Our time here is nearing an end.  We will be spending the next week with our friends at their home in Pendleton, Indiana.  We are hoping that our motor home will be done by the end of next week so that we can spend that weekend with our Indiana camping friends.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

The pet picture of the day is another photo of the Lake Cordry ducks.

A - lake, 5 ducks


Bill and Nancy said...

You two have found a beautiful place to be homeless;o)) I think we are more anxious than you to see the motorhome makeover. But of course, we are not sitting by the lake watching the leaves changes colors;-)) Hope everything goes smoothly and you get done on time!!

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

I agree with Bill and Nancy! If you gotta be homeless... what a way to go! If you head south, towards Florida, we will be wintering in the panhandle near Apalachicola. Come on by and let us introduce you to Florida's forgotten coast and some of the best FRESH seafood the Gulf has to offer!

Denisa said...

So fun to see the reveal of your new remodel! It gives ideas to those of us that can't afford a new motorhome, and what changes experienced full-timers want. We like the two recliners option instead of the standard couch too. Can I ask where the second recliner rides when you are traveling? Are they attached to the floor?