Thursday, July 18, 2013

Road Trip to Sequim, Washington & Dungeness Spit

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse with Mount Baker (Cascades) Backdrop

Hi all, Dianne again.  

We packed up bright and early, picked up Robyn and Amanda from their hotel, and all of us together hit the road in the motor home for the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  If you have visions of us playing the license plate game, auto bingo or singing our way up I-5 through the state of Washington, here is the reality of the trip:
 Amanda and Kaia slept in our bed, and Robyn and Bandido flaked out on the couch.  It was a very quiet ride!   

The most exciting thing were the ubiquitous logging trucks that passed us by.  For a time a semi full of fresh mulch was right in front of us and we enjoyed that fragrance as we drove for a bit.

We set up camp at Rainbow's End RV Park in Sequim, Washington.  First order of business was to have Kaia help us put our Washington state sticker onto our U.S. map.

Back in the early days, when our motor home was new and we had not yet begun fulltiming, Kaia helped us put on the Florida sticker when we took her for a road trip with us.  Looks like we've added quite a few states since then!

Our daughter Robyn is a busy gal, and this was our last day together before she needed to catch a plane back to L.A.  

For our last meal together we chose an early dinner at the Sequim Seafood Restaurant, which I would highly recommend if you find yourself in this area.  

Robyn chose scallops and I had crab cakes.  
They were delicious!

Outside the restaurant, Kaia posed with her mom for my camera.

After dinner we decided to take a short hike out to the nearby Dungeness Spit.  
It was sunny and warm when we left Sequim, but several of us were totally under-dressed (no sweatshirts, sandals instead of hiking shoes); definitely the wrong attire for the cold, windy hike down the sandy spit.  

The wind was blowing so hard that we felt we were being sandblasted as we started the walk down the shore.  I immediately put my camera away and used my iPhone for the rest of the time while we were there, not wanting a repeat of our camera failures from the Oregon coast.

There was an interesting display of artifacts washed ashore from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and resulting Tsunami.  

 It's hard to imagine how these items floated all the way across the Pacific Ocean from Japan.  We didn't see any debris during our walks, but there are Tsunami debris posters all up and down the coasts of Oregon and Washington with instructions on what to do if you find Tsunami debris.

We went back to the motor home and enjoyed watching the classic Lucy & Desi "The Long, Long Trailer" DVD, complete with homemade popcorn and lots of laughs.   

Alarms were set early for the next morning, for we had to make the 2 1/2-hour drive to the Seattle Airport in time for Robyn to catch her flight home to Los Angeles.  Our time with her was way too short!  

The pet photo of the day shows Bandido in his favorite spot, snuggling with Kaia as she slept.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Passing log trucks always make me nervous. We really enjoy watching that movie once in awhile.