Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wildlife near Cannon Beach, OR

 The title of this post is "Wildlife Near Cannon Beach."  Just look at the wild life in the opening pictures (Manzita Beach in the background).  Unfortunately, the four of us (at least Dianne and me), have left the wild life behind.   However, we did see some remarkable animals on that day.  Dianne's hair was kinda wild though, was it not?

Cannon Beach is just nine miles north of our campsite.  We drove past it so we could drive through Seaside (pretty touristy), and then back to the tony town of Cannon Beach.  No pictures here as we wandered through the shops.  Too busy looking around.  We had a great lunch at Mo's Clam Chowder --- highly recommended -- and then headed back to Manzanita.

Eagles and Starfish and Adults on Tricycles, Oh My!

On the way back we noticed that it was low tide.  Nancy wanted to see some of the life in the tidal pools, so we found a state park wayside, took off our shoes and walked down to the beach.  The first set of pools were devoid of visible life, at least to our eyes, but were certainly scenic.

As we wandered around the beach, I noticed that Nancy and Dianne seemed to be headed back to Cannon Beach.  I surmised that they were on their way to the next haystack rock to check out the tidal pools there.  It was a hike, but worth it.

As Jay and I picked up the pace to catch up (which we never did), we noticed that they had stopped.  Nancy was staring at the trees atop the beachside cliff.  Dianne had her camera in full serious picture position.

I am pretty sure that we had not seen bald eagles since we camped at Franklin Locks near Ft. Myers, FL.  Dianne was able to get a striking picture.

Almost there.  I could see Dianne and Nancy hopping around the tide pools.  Was there anything there?

Tucked into an alcove were two purple starfish.  

Not just two --- the entire surface was filled with these interesting creatures as they clung to the wall of rock.

Time to head back.  What a view.

As we gazed at the eagles on the return walk, we were attacked by a swarm of frenetic humans on low-rider tricycles.  It sure did look like fun.

Back to Manzanita and another sunset picture.

Next up?  The home of "The Goonies".

The pet picture of the day shows how well our three animals get along.  Bandido and Tequila were taking turns licking Charlie while he rested at Dianne's feet.  Despite the lovin', I am not sure how much he appreciated the slobbers.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great pictures!

Bill and Nancy said...

Diane... YOU ROCK... hair and pictures;o)) Really, the eagles, starfish and beachscapes were wonderful!!!